Is Long Street Cape Town safe?

Is Long Street Cape Town safe?

Long Street is known as a high-risk location for muggings and robberies. Whether you’re visiting the street during business hours or after dark, remain alert. The city center, train station, and Bo-Kaap are additional areas where muggings and another potentially violent crimes are common.

What is the longest street in Cape Town?

Long Street
The number 101 MyCiTi bus runs the length of Long Street on its way from the Civic Centre to Gardens, with five stops along the street….Long Street (Cape Town)

Map showing Long Street and the surrounding area.
Location Cape Town, South Africa
Coordinates 33°55′18″S 18°25′12″ECoordinates: 33°55′18″S 18°25′12″E

How Long is Long Street Cape Town?

The famous strip runs for just over 3km (2mi) from the city’s Foreshore region, right through to the beginning of the slightly more tranquil Kloof Street. In many ways, it bears a resemblance to other party streets around the world.

When was Adderley Street made?

Cape Town’s urban landscape …that name, it was renamed Adderley Street in 1850. Other main roads paralleled it as the town grew. In Strand Street, on what once was the shore of Table Bay, stands the Castle of Good Hope, built by the company between 1666 and 1679.

Is Camps Bay safe at night?

Camps Bay is safe, but even in saying that at night after dark I would not walk on the beach. Stay vigilante and walk in well lit areas. Cape Town is safe in the busy tourist areas, but not off the beaten track. over a year ago.

What suburb is Bree street in?

Bree Street is next to Extreme Hotel Cape Town and is located in City of Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa. Bree Street has a length of 1.19 kilometres. But it is splittet in seperate ways: 1 2 3 ….pictures near Bree Street.

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What is there to do in Long Street?

The Best Things to See and Do on Long Street in Cape Town, South Africa

  • Get sidetracked in Greenmarket Square.
  • Find some of the hidden markets.
  • Join a drum circle.
  • Take a ride on Long Street.
  • Take in some theatre or a rooftop movie.
  • Take in a stand-up comedy show.
  • Dance the night away at the Waiting Room.

Why was Charles B Adderley famous?

Adderley Street is a famous street in Cape Town, South Africa, considered the main street of the central business district. In 1850, the Mayor of Cape Town, Hercules Jarvis, named it to honour Adderley who had fought successfully against a proposal to make Cape Town into a penal colony.

What was Adderley Street named after?

Parliamentarian Charles Bowyer Adderley
Mayor Hercules Jarvis named it Adderley Street in 1850, to honour British Parliamentarian Charles Bowyer Adderley (elevated to the peerage as Baron Norton in 1878) who fought successfully against the plan for the British government to make Cape Town into another penal colony.

Is Mitchells Plain a suburb?

2011 Census suburb Mitchells Plain includes the following sub-places: Bay View, Beacon Valley, Colorado, Eastridge, Lentegeur, Mandalay, Mitchells Plain Town Centre, Portland, Rocklands, San Remo, Strandfontein, Strandfontein Village, Tafelsig, Wavecrest, Weltevreden Valley, Westgate, Westridge (Mitchells Plain).