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When did NYPD Blue start?

When did NYPD Blue start?

September 21, 1993NYPD Blue / First episode date

Why did Eddie Gibson leave NYPD Blue?

Andy and Lt. Rodriguez then gave Gibson credit for a major arrest, which resulted in his advancement by two steps to detective first grade, after which Eddie left the 15th Squad to treat his cancer.

What building was NYPD Blue filmed in?

Exterior shots of the 15th Precinct used the 9th Precinct building on East 5th Street in New York City, also used for Kojak. The show was initially a vehicle for David Caruso. John Kelly was the main character, and the first season revolved around him and his professional and personal lives.

How much did Dennis Franz make per episode?

At this peak on the series, before including royalties, Dennis Franz earned $300 thousand per episode of NYPD Blue. That worked out to around $7.2 million per season.

Why did Sharon Lawrence leave NYPD Blue?

Sharon Lawrence left more than once because she wasn’t satisfied with her character’s development/screen time. Amy Brenneman says she was fired. Kim Delaney left to star in a new show. Charlotte Ross left because she had a baby.

Where can I find NYPD Blue?

Watch NYPD Blue Streaming Online | Hulu (Free Trial)

How many episodes of NYPD Blue are there?

261NYPD Blue / Number of episodes
During the course of the series, 261 episodes of NYPD Blue aired over twelve seasons. It was ABC’s longest-running primetime one-hour drama series until Grey’s Anatomy surpassed it in 2016.

Does Martinez leave NYPD Blue?

The character was written out of the show in Season 7; in the series, Martinez left the 15th Precinct after passing the examination for promotion and receiving a new assignment as a uniformed sergeant.

When did James Mcdaniel leave NYPD Blue?

Besides Dennis Franz and Gordon Clapp, he was the longest serving original cast member of NYPD Blue. He left the series during its eighth season in 2001.

Why did Turturro leave NYPD Blue?

Turturro has always had a busy career For instance, via the Chicago Tribune, Turturro took a break from his role of Det. James Martinez in “NYPD Blue” to portray mobster Sammy “The Bull” Gravano in NBC’s “Witness to the Mob” miniseries in 1998.

Who kidnapped Theo on NYPD Blue?

He says he did it to work of a five-thousand dollar PI debt. The number seems high to Andy, so he presses for what else Bert did. Bert admits kidnapping Theo for Stan, but says Stan told him it was all part of a plan to test a surveillance system and that “the kid’s” mother knew all about it.

Who replaced Rick Schroder on NYPD Blue?

Actor Rick Schroder, who played Sorenson, has left “NYPD Blue” and is being replaced by former “Saved by the Bell” star Mark Paul Gosselaar.