Where did the tornado outbreak hit?

Where did the tornado outbreak hit?

A tornado outbreak tore through six states on Friday night: Arkansas, Illinois, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri and Tennessee. The tornadoes were part of a weather system that also caused substantial snowfall across parts of the upper Midwest and western Great Lakes.

How long did the Super Tuesday tornado outbreak last?

A total of 57 people were killed across four states and 18 counties, with hundreds of others injured….2008 Super Tuesday tornado outbreak.

Map of reported tornadoes (tornadoes in red)
Max. rating1 EF4 tornado
Duration of tornado outbreak2 15 hours, 20 minutes
Fatalities 57 fatalities (+4 non-tornadic), 425 injuries
Damage $1.2 billion (2008 USD)

How many tornadoes happened in 2012?

939 tornadoes
There were 939 tornadoes confirmed in the U.S. in 2012. Worldwide, 91 fatalities have been confirmed: 69 in the United States, six in Turkey, five each in China and Indonesia, three in New Zealand and one each in Italy, Japan and Poland.

What caused the tornado outbreak 2021?

The most prolific activity was caused by a long-track supercell thunderstorm that produced a family of strong tornadoes that traveled across four Mid-South states.

Has a tornado ever hit Memphis?

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Survey teams from the National Weather Service in Memphis found that several tornadoes hit the Mid-South late Friday night. The first tornado touched down in Eastern Arkansas near Weiner and moved northeast, hitting the communities of Monette and Leachville.

How many tornadoes were in 2008?

There were 1,692 tornadoes confirmed in the United States in 2008, with 126 confirmed fatalities. This made 2008 the deadliest year in that country since 1998.

Can tornadoes happen in January?

Over the last 20 years, an average of 32 tornadoes have occurred in the U.S. in January. That’s the fewest of any month but is roughly the same as December and February. A January record of 212 tornadoes hit the U.S. in 1999. There have also been years without a single January tornado, most recently in 2003.