Which Office is responsible for preparing the yearly report on the budget?

Which Office is responsible for preparing the yearly report on the budget?

The Department of the Treasury, in coordination with the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), prepares the Financial Report, which includes the financial statements for the U.S. Government.

What is budget Office?

The Budget Office staff is responsible for the analysis, processing and production of budget recommendations, development of economic and revenue forecasts, and the production of other financial documents, including Official Statements that accompany the issuance of General Obligation Bonds and other debt.

What is the annual budget for the state of Rhode Island?

Today, the State is well positioned to continue protecting and expanding the programs we know are working. The Governor’s FY 2020 $9.9 billion budget makes critical investments in economic development and workforce, education, and initiatives to protect access to health care.

Who runs the Office of Management and Budget?

Shalanda D. Young
Office of Management and Budget

DIRECTOR Shalanda D. Young, Acting
Deputy Director Shalanda D. Young
Deputy Director for Management Jason S. Miller
General Counsel Samuel R. Bagenstos

Who’s Office prepares the budget of the municipality?

The Office of the Municipal Budget is responsible for the preparation of the Executive Budget Supplemental Budget of the Municipality.

What are the duties of budget officer?

The Budget Officer implements budgeting and financial record keeping procedures to ensure efficient coordination of various departmental, grant, and designated accounts, maintains accurate information regarding the financial status of the cost center, advises the immediate supervisor regarding financial decisions.

How much is the state of Rhode Island worth?

$90 billion
At just 673,000 acres Rhode Island’s total land value was just $90 billion, nearly the lowest in the country. However, the state was valued at $133,700 per acre on average, second only to New Jersey.

How does Rhode Island make money?

Agriculture is one of Rhode Island’s top industries, along with health services, tourism and manufacturing. Farmland covers about 10 percent of the smallest state’s land at over 69,000 acres. Top commodities produced on Rhode Island’s 1,243 farms include greenhouse and nursery products, dairy, sweet corn, and apples.

Is the Director of the Office of Management and Budget appointed?

The OMB consists of a Director, Deputy Director, Deputy Director for Management, Administrators of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, Office of Federal Procurement Policy, and Office of Federal Financial Management. These persons are appointed by the President after confirmation by the Senate.

What is the main role of the Office of Management and Budget in budget making?

OMB’s predominant mission is to assist the President in overseeing the preparation of the Federal budget and to supervise its administration in Executive Branch agencies.