Is it okay to start a paragraph with although?

Is it okay to start a paragraph with although?

There is no grammatical rule against using “although” at the beginning of a sentence or at the beginning of a paragraph. This is more a question of style and how you wish to present the language you are using or the story you are telling.

What is a good sentence for Although?

Well, I hope they’ll get him’ although a nice-looking young fellow he was and no mistake. Although there is nothing of the houri about her, one or two of her accomplishments are invaluable. Although I disliked the detective heartily, I nevertheless was secretly impressed.

Does a comma go before although?

When starting a sentence with “although” or “even though”, place a comma after the first clause of the sentence. When starting a sentence with “although” or “even though”, place a comma after the first clause. Although my husband is rich, he dislikes spending money.

Can we use but with although?

Since ‘although’ as a subordinating conjunction implies or introduces a contrast idea and ‘but’as a coordinating conjunction contrasts an idea, ideally both may go against the understanding that they negate each idea. Therefore, they both may be ineffective when used together.

Can we use yet with although?

When a sentence begins with although or though, don’t use `but’ or `yet’ to introduce the main clause. Don’t say, for example, `Although he was late, yet he stopped to buy a sandwich’. You say `Although he was late, he stopped to buy a sandwich’.

Can although be used as however?

No, it’s not correct. Possible alternatives: “Some of the plots are transcendental, however the justice deeply rooted in people’s mind will surely applaud him for the victory.” You use “Although” or “However” to relate one part of the sentence to the other.

Can you put a comma after although?

Common starter words for introductory clauses that should be followed by a comma include after, although, as, because, if, since, when, while. While I was eating, the cat scratched at the door. Because her alarm clock was broken, she was late for class.

How do you punctuate although in a sentence?

Since “although” is a conjunction, place a comma before it when it is in the middle of a sentence. For example, in the sentence, “We had a great time at the park, although it rained,” the comma comes before “although.” This creates a pause that makes the sentence flow more smoothly.

Can I use However although?

Mostly “however” is used at the beginning of the sentence and “although” is used at the middle or at the end of the sentence. Although is a word mostly used to connect the logic between two sentences.

How do you use although in a complex sentence?

“Although I get good grades, I really don’t like school.” “Although school is hard, I like my teacher.” “Although I’m bad at soccer, it’s fun to play.” “Although she complains a lot, she’s my best friend.”

Can you start a sentence with because or However?

You can start a sentence with ‘because’ or ‘however,’ but you have to know how to do it correctly. This lesson will walk you through how to start a sentence with these transitional words while…

What is the best way to start a sentence?

Universal English Sentence Starters: Statements,Disagreeing,Breaking the Truth. Well,I’d like to believe that – when you’re expressing your hopes and expectations towards a specific person or event,this

  • Answering Specific Questions.
  • Expressing Your Opinion.
  • Disagreeing.
  • Expressing Uncertainty.
  • Can you start a sentence with able to?

    However, it is possible to attach the subordinate clause at the beginning of the sentence, using a comma: When he listens to music, he falls asleep. Thus, even though a declarative sentence should start with its subject, it is possible to place subordinate conjuctions, such as when, at the beginning of sentences.

    Can you use because to start a sentence?

    Yes, but Only Sometimes. It is possible to start a sentence with because or another subordinating conjunction, but you have to do so carefully to ensure you are writing a complete sentence. Many school teachers and grammar books will warn against starting a sentence with because, especially in elementary school.