What is inside each KLM Delft Blue house?

What is inside each KLM Delft Blue house?

About our KLM houses You’ve probably seen them around: our Delft Blue miniature houses, filled with Dutch gin. Each one depicts a real Dutch building. These unique gifts have been around since the 1950s and are a true collector’s item! You receive one when travelling in Business Class on an intercontinental route.

What are KLM houses worth?

A handy app helps passengers and collectors track the KLM houses they have, or still need. Swapping is popular and there’s a robust secondhand market in Amsterdam shops and online, with prices ranging from about $15 for the common houses to upwards of $550 for some of the rarer editions.

How do I display my house on KLM?

Depending on how many Delft houses you have in your collection, displaying them on a shelf or bookcase all by themselves is a great way to show them off. When grouped together, especially against a dramatic background color like our black bookcase, the houses stand out and really make a statement.

Can you drink KLM houses?

There is Dutch Genever, 35% alcohol, in the houses, which are in fact bottles with a cork and seal on top. Sometimes the genever has been drunk but mostly the empty bottles were empty all along. On flights to some countries with alcohol restrictions empty houses are presented.

Does KLM still give out houses in business class?

Since 1952, KLM has been giving every World Business Class passenger a Delft Blue miniature traditional Dutch house, filled with genever (Dutch gin).

What are KLM Bols houses?

The first houses were filled with Bols Genever in the 1980s. Prior to that they contained a liqueur or gin from the long-established Dutch distilleries Rynbende and Henkes. KLM Houses are handed out to passengers who travel World Business Class.

Which KLM house is the Anne Frank House?

KLM House number 47 is a miniature of the actual Anne Frank House at Prinsengracht 263 in Amsterdam.

What are Delft houses?

These delft blue houses are reproductions of houses in Amsterdam that line both sides of the famous canals. There are two sizes of houses to choose from, small and large, and the houses vary in height within each series. In the large series, they are approximately 5 1/2″ tall.

Is Delft Blue worth anything?

Made in an array of styles and formats, high quality antique Delftware works typically sell within the modest range of $3,000-$6,000, but the more rare and remarkable works can reach prices twenty times as much.

Where are KLM houses made?

The Delft Blue Houses were produced by Royal Goedewaagen in Gouda until 1995. Almost 75% of all Delftware is made outside Delft.

How do I know if my Delft is valuable?

When determining whether something is genuine Delftware, experts look for makers’ symbols or initials, which are often on the base or back of an object.