What is the correct order of blood flow in the urinary system?

What is the correct order of blood flow in the urinary system?

The correct answer is (b) Afferent arterioles, glomerulus, efferent arteriole, peritubular capillaries.

How do you memorize blood vessels?

A useful mnemonic to remember the branches of the internal iliac artery is: I Love Going Places In My Very Own Underwear! Mnemonic I: iliolumbar artery L: lateral sacral artery G: gluteal (superior and inferior) arteries P: (internal) pudendal artery I: inferior vesical (vaginal in female…

What are the parts of nephron?

Each nephron is composed of a renal corpuscle (glomerulus within Bowman’s capsule), a proximal tubule (convoluted and straight components), an intermediate tubule (loop of Henle), a distal convoluted tubule, a connecting tubule, and cortical, outer medullary, and inner medullary collecting ducts.

What is the correct sequence of vessels as they enter and pass through the renal circulation?

The renal artery first divides into segmental arteries, followed by further branching to form multiple interlobar arteries that pass through the renal columns to reach the cortex. The interlobar arteries, in turn, branch into arcuate arteries, cortical radiate arteries, and then into afferent arterioles.

Which blood vessels surround the nephron loops?

The blood vessels surrounding the nephron loop are called the peritubular capillaries.

How can I remember my aorta?


  1. A: arch of aorta.
  2. B: brachiocephalic trunk.
  3. C: left common carotid artery.
  4. S: left subclavian artery.

Which part of the nephron dips deep into the renal medulla?

the loop of Henle
The remaining filtrate flows on to the nephron loop, also known as the loop of Henle, which is the only part of the renal tubule that dips into the renal medulla.

What is the correct sequence of renal tubule segments through which filtrate would flow?

After leaving the renal corpuscle, the filtrate passes through the renal tubule in the following order: proximal convoluted tubule (found in the renal cortex) loop of Henle (mostly in the medulla) distal convoluted tubule (found in the renal cortex)