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Does Din have a crush on Link?

Does Din have a crush on Link?

Seeing that Link would die if he kept fighting, Din willingly gives herself over for Link’s life, despite his protests. She is subsequently sealed is crystal like in the game, and freed after Onox’s death. At some points, Link is implied to having a crush on Din, though she never appears aware of it.

Is there an evil Link?

Dark Link is a well-known staple of the franchise, having appeared in six Zelda games. He’s an evil doppelganger of Link who uses the hero’s own strength and skills against him.

Who is Link’s wife Legend of Zelda?

Canonically, Link should be King of Hyrule by this point while also married to Princess Zelda.

How old is Botw Link?

5yThe Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild / Age

Does Link have a girlfriend?

Princess Zelda is believed by many to be the love interest of Link in the Legend of Zelda series. She first appeared in The Legend of Zelda for the NES in 1987.

Who is Link’s girlfriend in Botw?

Breath of the Wild. Mipha is the Princess of the Zora, a friend of Link, and one of the Champions. She is described as being introverted and has a gift for healing. Mipha was in love with Link and made him Zora Armor before her death during the Great Calamity.

Who is Dark Link Creepypasta?

Dark Link is an evil doppelganger of Link who appears as an enemy in many The Legend of Zelda games. His battles are often thought of as the hero Link overcoming the darkness within himself. He is the most recurring minor boss character in the franchise.

Is Link 117 years old?

Even with Age of Calamity’s secret ending, this would still mean Breath of the Wild’s Link is technically at least 117 years old when he wakes up, since he was in stasis for a century. Although Link’s true physical age is never revealed, he’s probably 17 or 18 years old before going into stasis.