How far was the Nisqually earthquake Felt?

How far was the Nisqually earthquake Felt?

In all, the 2001 Nisqually earthquake caused between $1-4 billion in damages. The earthquake’s epicenter was 32 miles below Anderson Island, which helped buffer some of its force, but it could still be felt as far away as Vancouver, Montana and Portland.

How big was the Nisqually earthquake?

With a magnitude of 6.8, the Nisqually earthquake of Feb. 28, 2001, was the most powerful quake to strike the state in a generation. But for all its scattered dramas — and at least $2 billion in damage — it was a mild demonstration of the seismic forces that threaten the Pacific Northwest.

How many people were killed in the Nisqually earthquake?

One person died
One person died of a heart attack and several hundred were injured….2001 Nisqually earthquake.

A stretch of Washington State Route 302 near Allyn, Washington, damaged after the earthquake
Olympia Seattle
Magnitude 6.8 Mw
Depth 57 km (35 mi)
Epicenter 47.19°N 122.66°WCoordinates:47.19°N 122.66°W

How many people died in the 2001 Nisqually earthquake?

The quake injured about 400 people. However, nobody died as a direct result of falling bricks or debris. A heart attack victim was the only fatality associated with the quake. Damage estimates were placed at several billion dollars.

Where was the epicenter of the 2001 Nisqually earthquake?

southern Puget Sound
On Wednesday, 28 February 2001, a moment magnitude 6.8 earthquake occurred beneath the southern Puget Sound area of Washington State. The preliminary location by the University of Washington Seismological Laboratory places the earthquake at a depth of 52 km with an epicentral location of 47.149°N and 122.727°W.

What is the biggest earthquake in Seattle?

The 1965 Puget Sound earthquake occurred at 08:28 AM PDT (15:28 UTC) on April 29 within the Puget Sound region of Washington state. It had a magnitude of 6.7 on the moment magnitude scale and a maximum perceived intensity of VIII (Severe) on the Mercalli intensity scale.

Where did the Nisqually earthquake happen?

The magnitude 6.8 earthquake struck about 11 miles north of Olympia on Feb. 28, 2001 at 10:54 a.m. It was more than 35 miles underground, so there are no cracks or evidence in the Nisqually Delta today that it happened.

When was 2001 Nisqually earthquake?

February 28, 20012001 Nisqually earthquake / Start date

What would happen if a 9.5 earthquake hit California?

Narrator: The quake could kill about 1,800 people and leave 50,000 or more with injuries. While people could die from falling debris and collapsed structures, the highest death toll would be from fires.