What are the main techniques in netball?

What are the main techniques in netball?


  • Passing and receiving (chest pass, shoulder pass, one/two handed passing).
  • Dodging – single/double/sprint.
  • Marking a player.
  • Shooting (close/distance) or rebounding (attacking or defending) or marking a pass/intercepting (centre court players).
  • Footwork and movement – landing on one/two feet, pivoting.

What are attacking tactics in netball?

Netball | Attack Drills

  • 3 straight forward running evasions. Double cut back: WA runs one way, stops abruptly and changes direction before again changing direction for a second time to go and meet the pass.
  • 3 v 2 to score. Attack.
  • 3 Across.
  • 3 vs 3 Backline Pass to Centre Third.
  • 4 Corners – Short Long.

What are defending tactics in netball?

The 3 Stages of Defence

  • Be netball ready – one your toes, slightly bent knees and ready to catch or intercept a ball.
  • Keep close to your opponent.
  • Be ball side.
  • Take on a side approach so you can see the attacker and also the ball.
  • Standing slightly in front at a 45 degree angle can work too.

What are the four main passing techniques in netball?

There are 5 different types of passes – the chest pass, bounce pass, lob, overhead pass and shoulder pass. Practice drilling (both two handed and single hand) as you will definitely be using all these passes in a game. For a two handed chest and bounce pass, your palms and thumbs should make a “W” behind the ball.

What are the two landing techniques in netball?

The five landing conditions were three legal landings consisting of a pivot, a run-on and a two foot landing. The other two landings used an extra step technique for the pivot and run-on landings.

What are two types of dodging techniques in netball?

What’s dodging in netball? There are two types of dodging in netball, the single and double dodge moves. The single dodge involves outwitting your defender by moving in one direction and then quickly moving off in the opposite direction to receive a pass.

What is pivot in netball?

The pivoting action is a swivel movement that allows the player to move on a fixed axis to either pass or shoot.

How is power used in netball?

Power plays a fundamental role in netball. You need power in your lower body when jumping to block shots or sprinting to reach a loose ball, and you need power in your upper body for making passes and shooting goals.

How is coordination used in netball?

Coordination is “the ability to integrate the fitness components so that effective movements are achieved.” In netball, this includes hand eye coordination. Flexibility is the “range of motion possible at a specific joint.” Coordination and flexibility does not apply to certain types of netball players.

What are tactics in basketball?

Tactics in basketball is understood as all organised measures to attack and defend, which are used by players to reach a premeditated conclusion. There are two types of tactics: defensive and offensive tactics.

What does tactical awareness mean?

Tactical awareness, critical to game performance, is the ability to identify tactical problems that arise during a game and to respond appropriately. Responses might involve on-the-ball skills, such as passing and shooting, and off-the-ball movements, such as supporting and covering.