What rights did ancient Greek citizens have?

What rights did ancient Greek citizens have?

All Athenian citizens had the right to vote in the Assembly, debate, own land and own slaves. All Athenian citizens were expected to have military training, be educated, pay their taxes and serve Athens in times of war.

Did Metics have rights?

Metics Weren’t Given the Rights of Citizens Although Athens allowed these non-citizens to live within its walls, they didn’t enjoy all the benefits that true Athenian citizens were allowed.

What were slaves rights in ancient Greece?

Slaves in ancient Greece did not have any human or civil rights. They were tortured for different reasons; their owner could beat them whenever he wanted; when their testimony was needed for a lawsuit, they were tortured into confessing to their own guilt or incriminate someone else.

What rights did non citizens have in ancient Greece?

They received some legal protection, but they did not enjoy full citizen rights, such as voting and owning land. Metics had occupations that were thought to be un-Athenian, like trade and commerce.

What are the human rights in Greece?

The country is a signatory to the European Convention on Human Rights, the Geneva Convention relating to the Status of Refugees and the United Nations Convention Against Torture. The Greek constitution also guarantees fundamental human rights to all Greek citizens.

How do you think Greek concepts related to the rights and responsibilities?

How do you think Greek concepts related to the rights and responsibilities of citizenship influence modern societies? Greek concepts about the rights and responsibilities of citizenship set the standard by which we judge the claims and results of modern democratic governments and societies.

Could slaves in Athens buy their freedom?

Next in status were domestic slaves who, under certain circumstances, might be allowed to buy their own freedom. Often looked upon as ‘one of the family’, during certain festivals they would be waited upon by their masters.

Why did metics not have the full rights of citizens quizlet?

Terms in this set (10) Why did metics not have the full rights of citizens? They were foreigners. captured in battle.

What did female slaves do in ancient Greece?

Female slaves served as maids, nurses and cooks, and there were craftsmen, artists, musicians and others who were enslaved but could live a decent life and earn income as well. Craftsmen who worked with their masters lived in their own quarters and earned their income at free will.

How did the Spartans treat the helots?

Spartans, who were outnumbered by the Helots, often treated them brutally and oppressively in an effort to prevent uprisings. Spartans would humiliate the Helots by doing such things as forcing them to get debilitatingly drunk on wine and then make fools of themselves in public.

Did ancient Greece have human rights?

In ancient Greece, human rights were born, but only limited to Greek men and included in the upper classes. Thus, at that time, the development was more on obligations to kings and gods. Furthermore, new philosophers emerged modern schools of natural law, which still adhered to the old school of natural law.