What are the ranks on the starship Enterprise?

What are the ranks on the starship Enterprise?

According to Memory Alpha[1], the premiere online Star Trek encyclopedia, there are eleven ranks normally onboard a starship like the Enterprise:

  • Captain.
  • Commander.
  • Lieutenant Commander.
  • Lieutenant.
  • Lieutenant junior grade.
  • Ensign.
  • Master chief petty officer.
  • Senior chief petty officer.

What are all the ranks in Star Trek?


Pips Rank
Four (Solid) Captain
One (Solid w/ square border) Admiral, one star
Two (Solid w. square border) Admiral, two star
Three (Solid w. square border) Admiral, three star

What rank is chief in Star Trek?

O’Brien’s collar rank insignia when he first appeared on TNG is two full pips, signifying the rank of Lieutenant. But at some point as his character is fleshed out, that changes to Senior Chief Petty Officer.

Does Starfleet have enlisted ranks?

Background. Gene Roddenberry initially envisioned a Starfleet entirely composed of officers during the creation of Star Trek: The Original Series. “Although the Enterprise is a military vessel,” he said, “its organization is only semimilitary. The ‘enlisted men’ category does not exist.

What was Spock’s highest rank?

Christopher as “Lieutenant Commander Spock”. Spock’s rank throughout the entire series is Commander, not a mere Lieutenant Commander. In this episode he is wearing the rank insignia of Commander (two full bars).

Is Miles O’Brien an officer?

Senior Chief Petty Officer Miles Edward O’Brien was a 24th century Human Starfleet non-commissioned officer who, following his service during the Federation-Cardassian War, served as transporter chief on board the USS Enterprise-D for several years before being promoted to chief of operations aboard starbase Deep Space …

What rank is Picard?

While still a young man, Lt. Picard took command of the Stargazer when her Captain was killed in action. Awarded the field rank of Captain, Picard commanded this ship for some 22 years. There, he made first contact with dozens of species, becoming a Starfleet legend at a relatively young age.

What rank is miles Obrien?

Starfleet career In all episodes of TNG Seasons 2-5, O’Brien is seen wearing the insignia of a full lieutenant while working as transporter chief; in one of them, “Where Silence Has Lease”, he is also addressed by Riker as “lieutenant”.

What rank is Commodore in Star Trek?

A Commodore is a flag officer rank, one position above Captain. A starship captain usually commands a single vessel, but a Commodore ordinarily commands more than one ship. Usually Commodores command a group of ships (either close to their flagship or distant), or in the case of TOS, they normally command a starbase.