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What happens when you have a dural tear?

What happens when you have a dural tear?

If your spine still has a dural tear, your spinal cord will leak this cerebrospinal fluid over time. This results in symptoms that include: Spinal Headache – Severe headache that may disappear when laying down. Spinal Meningitis – Sensitivity to light, fever, fatigue, headache, vomiting, and possibly seizures.

How long does it take to recover from a dural tear?

The duration of follow-up ranged from two to eight years (average, 4.3 years). Postoperative management consisted of closed suction wound drainage for an average of 2.1 days and bed rest for an average of 2.9 days.

How do you fix a dural tear?

Dural tears are repaired using microsurgical techniques – using a microscope and a fine needle. Small dural tears are sutured or stapled close, while larger ones are reconstructed with a patch or graft. Fat or fibrin glue may be used as a sealant to reinforce the repair.

Can a dural tear cause nerve damage?

Nerve root herniation is an infrequent complication of incidental dural tear.

Can a dural tear reopen?

Patients are warned that even with a dural repair, the problem can come back. In fact, studies show that five to 10 per cent of all patients who have a dural repair procedure will spring a leak again.

Can a CSF leak cause permanent damage?

CSF leaks occur when there is a breakdown in this barrier. The dura can be damaged by certain surgeries, head trauma, and tumors. Leaks sometimes occur spontaneously. Untreated CSF leaks can lead to life-threatening meningitis, brain infections, or stroke.

What is a dural tear in spine surgery?

An accidental dural tear is a potential complication of spine surgery. This occurs when the thin covering over the spinal cord (called meninges) is nicked by the surgical instrument.

Is a dural tear malpractice?

Summary: Incidental durotomy — small tears of the outer membrane of the spinal cord — are a common occurrence in spinal surgery, and may lead to litigation. Most malpractice cases associated with dural tear end in a ruling in favor of the surgeon, reports a study.