What is mungindi known for?

What is mungindi known for?

With a population of approximately 700 people, the district produces wheat, cotton, sheep and beef cattle for local, national and international markets. Mungindi’s CBD is located in NSW, but uniquely there are two Police stations, one in each state.

How big is mungindi?

At the 2016 census, Mungindi had a population of 601 on the New South Wales side, while the population on the Queensland side was 146. During 2020 and 2021, the Queensland borders were closed to most people due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

What is the postcode of mungindi?

2406Mungindi / Postal code

What river runs through Mungindi?

Barwon Upper Darling River
Barwon River (New South Wales)

Barwon Upper Darling River
Source Macintyre River
• location north of Mungindi, Southern Downs, Queensland
• elevation 196 m (643 ft)
2nd source Weir River

Can you cross the border at Hebel?

Balonne Shire Council The Queensland border is now closed to the COVID-19 hotspot of Greater Sydney – this will affect border crossings at Mungindi and Hebel once again. Everyone who crosses the border from New South Wales must have a Queensland Border Declaration Pass.

How far is Mungindi from St George?

112 km
The distance between St George and Mungindi is 112 km. The road distance is 119.1 km.

What is it like to live in Moree?

A steadily growing population, fantastic neighbourhood, efficient Hospital and Medical Care Facilities, excellent schools and local TAFE makes Moree a must for families and singles. You will be spoilt with shopping facilities, a range of affordable hotel/motel accomodation and affordbale housing.

What river is Mungindi?

the Barwon River
Mungindi, which lies on both sides of the Barwon River and is thus in both Queensland and New South Wales, has the unique privilege of being the only town in Australia where the name is the same on both sides of the border although it has a New South Wales postcode.

How far is it from Moree to the Queensland border?

The distance between Moree and Queensland is 967 km.

Where does the Bogan River start and finish?

Darling RiverBogan River / Mouth

Where is the Bogan River?

New South Wales
The Bogan River was discovered by Charles Sturt in 1829 and is a minor river in the central western region of New South Wales, Australia. The Bogan starts near Forbes and flows generally north-north-west past Nyngan.

Does the Barwon flow into the Darling?

Upstream of Bourke, the Barwon merges with the Culgoa River, and the channel becomes the Darling River.

Where can I stay in Mungindi?

At the moment, Wotif features no accommodation listings for Mungindi. But you can rest easy. Ashley is approximately 90 kilometres away, and features some great hotels, such as the Golden Harvest Motor Inn and Econo Lodge Moree Spa Motor Inn. But wait, there’s more!

What is unique about Mungindi?

Mungindi’s uniqueness continues as a town which straddles the Barwon River, with either side of the river marking the border between Queensland and New South Wales. Not only does Mungindi have two police stations on either side of the border, but this quirky town runs on two time zones in the warmer months due to eastern daylight savings time!

What is the closest airport to Mungindi?

Located 100 kilometres away from Mungindi is Moree Airport. Stay nearby at the Spa Village Travel Inn or the Burke & Wills Motor Inn. How much is a hotel room in Mungindi?