How to get Arcanist Bravely Default?

How to get Arcanist Bravely Default?

The Arcanist is a job in Bravely Default, obtained by defeating Victoria F. Stein and Victor S. Court at Eternian Central Command. The Arcanist specializes in dark-based abilities that kill or damage enemies and allies with certain status effects.

Is arcanist good Bravely Default 2?

Arcanists still remain exceptionally powerful, and they have some really nice passives to take advantage of when choosing a build for them or any other MP heavy Job. Well, at least one of them, as the Magic Amp skill does the exact opposite, but it is a must for any magic damage-dealing class you want to use.

Is Black Mage good Bravely Default?

The Black Mage is a job in Bravely Default. It is obtained after defeating Ominas Crowe at the Ruins of Centro Keep. The Black Mage specializes in Black Magic, and boasts a variety of damage dealing spells and status-changing spells. The Black Mage retains strong magical skill but weak defensive and physical skill.

Do you need all asterisks Bravely Default 2?

There’s a total of 23 obtainable Asterisks in the course of the game with 2 of them being optional. However, there is a 24th and final Asterisk kept secret until players reach the very end of the game.

Where is the ninja in Bravely Default?

You unlock Ninja by defeating Kikyo in chapter 3. After taking Egil to Caldisla, go to the mansion in Hartschild to watch the cut scenes. Talk to everyone, then go to the front door to trigger another cut scene. Go to the cellar once you get the key, then a battle will start after the scenes.

Is red mage good Bravely Default?

Red Mage is the jack of all trades when it comes to magic. They can use both Black and White Magic, but can only get each to level 4 out of 6. They gain BP in many ways, though, and their support abilities are great for Job that use a lot of BP.

How do I get the gambler asterisk?

After you’ve won a few matches, you’ll see a playing card icon appear above Shirley’s head. If you approach Shirley, she’ll offer to battle you again, providing that you’re willing to make a wager. If you win, she’ll give you the Gambler Asterisk.

What level should I fight Prince Castor?

around level 16
Prince Castor is a boss fairly early on in the game with a health bar of 28,140. Ideally, players should be around level 16 to comfortably face him in battle. However, Prince Castor is known for strong physical attacks, so gamers may want to also quickly farm jobs in Bravely Default 2 before taking him on.