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Is NAK hair Australian owned?

Is NAK hair Australian owned?

NAK Hair is an Australian made and owned haircare company, with a down to earth culture running through our veins. Dedicated to creating beautiful haircare for everyone.

Does NAK hair have silicone?

Silicone Free. Delivers effective cleansing and conditioning, care and maintenance for colour treated, chemically treated, dry and damaged hair. Infuses a rich blend of natural herbs and botanicals, hydrating Wheat Proteins and restores moisture to hair and scalp.

Is NAK good for fine hair?

Styling Fine Hair NAK Volume Foam and Sheer Styling Glaze both allow for the correct amount of hold and support when styling. Alternatively to achieve a similar result with extra volume at the root area, try our High Volume Texture Spray or Root Lift Mist that provide fine hair with root lift and texture.

Is NAK hair sulfate free?

SULPHATE FREE – PARABEN FREE – NAK Hair products contain Sulphate free and Paraben free ingredient technology, offering mild gentle cleansing for hair and scalp.

Is NAK curly girl approved?

We have run the ingredients list through curls bot and the bottles we are selling ( current stock ) is curly girl approved.

Is NAK good for extensions?

You want to use a nourishing gentle shampoo and conditioner. I recommend NAK SMOOTH shampoo and conditioner or MATRIX R.A.W. Nourish Shampoo and Conditioner. These babies are safe to use on hair extensions, as well as being great for your natural hair!

How long does NAK colour Masque last?

For less colour intensity, leave on for 3-5 minutes. For full colour intensity, leave on for up to 25 minutes.

What is NAK care?

An affordable and caring product collection dedicated to helping breast cancer research. The Care range proudly contributes to selected charities, assisting others in the fight against breast cancer.

Are NAK products curly girl approved?

Is NAK good for blonde hair?

Recommended For Blonde Conditioner: Apply to clean, wet hair and massage from roots to ends. Leave in for 1 to 5 minutes, rinse thoroughly. Tip: Alternate with NAK Platinum Blonde Anti-Yellow Treatment to ensure optimum condition.