Is Thalys first class worth it?

Is Thalys first class worth it?

For a journey over 90 minutes, First Class is worth the extra to me (and I’m not a large person) if it’s not significantly more. First Class cars tend to be quieter as well. Often, booking well in advance, you can get First Class seats for less than Second Class purchased closer to departure date.

Is there food on Thalys?

Sandwiches and seasonal wraps Discover our selection of hot and cold sandwiches to satisfy both large and small appetites.

What is comfort class on Thalys?

Thalys Comfort Class today’s “Comfort 1” class with three seats per row and 30% more space compared to Standard Class. Wifi included. Comfort fare: Brussels – Cologne from 33€; Brussels – Amsterdam from 45€; Brussels – Paris from 55€

What is CLUB 2 Thalys seating?

“Club-4” and “Club-2” are the names for table seating in Comfort 1 (first-class) cars. Normal seat pairs are called “Duo” seats. These women share a table in Comfort 2, or second class.

How do I connect to Thalys WIFI?

How can you connect to the Wi-Fi network on board our trains? Nothing simpler: just log in to the ThalysNet portal. Go to and click on the “Connect to Wi-Fi” button. No need to log in nor create a user account, you have direct access to the Internet in one click.

How do I select my seat on Thalys?

How to choose my seat in the train? When selecting your train, you can click on “Seating preference” and indicate the place or type of seat you’d like to get assigned to. It is not possible to change your seat after your booking has been completed.

What is Kiosk seating on Thalys?

Kiosk = small room at one end of the train, sideways facing seats.

Does WIFI on Eurostar work?

Our free wi-fi uses 3G and 4G signals en route. Due to the nature of the mobile connections, the quality of Internet connection will vary….

Is there WIFI on Thalys?

Yes, all passengers have access to our trains’ Wi-Fi connection via the ThalysNet portal. If you are travelling in Comfort or Premium class, you will get a faster connection with a larger amount of data.