How do you use Slaai?

How do you use Slaai?

Suggested Usage: -In the evening, on dry skin, use dry fingertips to massage Slaai™ over face and eyes. -Add water to activate, rinse well with warm water, then pat dry. -May also be removed with a soft, damp cloth.

How do you use the Bamboo Booster exfoliant?

How to use: Apply the balm onto dry skin, massage for a solid 60 seconds and emulsify/rinse with warm water. Add the Bamboo Booster to your cleanse to exfoliate. Personally, I wouldn’t use the Bamboo Booster if it’s with taking off makeup with the balm.

Does drunk elephant have makeup?

Drunk Elephant’s Slaai is an innovative cleansing balm that melts all traces of dirt, makeup, and sunscreen. Gentle enough to be used around the eye area, it quickly transforms from oil to milk upon contact with water.

How do you use Slaai cleanser?

Does drunk elephant have an exfoliant?

Gentle exfoliation at its finest. Courtesy of Drunk Elephant. All exfoliating products work by removing dead skin cells and dirt, which reveals softer, glowing skin underneath. Regularly exfoliating your skin can help prevent acne and gradually reduce some signs of aging, like dark spots and general dullness.

What is double cleansing face?

Double cleansing is as simple as it sounds. It involves thoroughly washing your face with two cleansers. The only catch is that the cleansers need to be two different types to have the desired effect. The first is usually an oil-based cleanser. This is followed up by a water-based one.

How do you use a Pekee bar?

Suggested Usage: -Wet the Pekee Bar™ and lather until creamy. -Use your hands to massage onto face, neck, and chest. -Rinse well with warm water and pat dry. -Use morning or night.

How do you use Evelom cleanser?

How to Use: Warm a small amount of Cleanser between your fingers and use circular movements to massage on dry skin. Place the Muslin Cloth in hot water and wring out. Press the warm, damp cloth onto the face and half for 5 seconds to open the pores. Repeat 3 times.

Does drunk elephant have an exfoliator?

Drunk Elephant Protini Powerpeptide Resurfacing Serum A gentle exfoliating serum powered by lactic acid and peptides that can be used to reduce some signs of aging.

What is cleansing jelly?

The newest Korean beauty export, jelly cleansers are a clever hybrid between a cleansing oil and a cleansing balm. Thanks to their groundbreaking melting formula (turning to soothing milk when mixed with water), they make light work of removing stubborn make-up, leaving your skin clearer and more refined over time.