What is a sentence for wren?

What is a sentence for wren?

Wren sentence example. The other buildings designed by Wren were very numerous. Among the song-birds are the mocking-bird, the Carolina wren and the cardinal grosbeak (or red bird); there are plenty of quail or ” bob white ” (called partridge in the South). Lets go and hunt the wren , I say.

What do the word wren mean?

Definition of wren 1 : any of a family (Troglodytidae) of small typically brownish oscine singing birds especially : a very small widely distributed bird (Troglodytes troglodytes) that has a short erect tail and is noted for its song. 2 : any of various small singing birds resembling the true wrens in size and habits.

What is the part of speech of wren?

​noun countable. UK /ren/ singular.

What is the origin of the word wren?

The English name “wren” derives from Middle English: wrenne and Old English: wrænna, attested (as wernnaa) very early, in an eighth-century gloss. It is cognate to Old High German: wrendo, wrendilo, and Icelandic: rindill (the latter two including an additional diminutive -ilan suffix).

How do you use wreck in a sentence?

Wreck sentence example

  1. I was a wreck when you didn’t answer the phone.
  2. Just as I ran up to the wreck , it blew.
  3. I’m sure he wouldn’t want you to have a wreck trying to get there in a hurry.
  4. As bad as the wreck was, it could have been worse.
  5. He’d be a wreck if he had.

How do you use wreath in a sentence?

Examples of wreath in a Sentence The President laid a wreath of flowers on the hero’s grave. The ancient Romans awarded laurel wreaths to winners of athletic contests. Every December, I put a Christmas wreath on my front door.

What is another word for wren?

Wren Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for wren?

songbird canary
vireo singing bird

What is a wren in ww2?

Those who served in the WRNS were nicknamed ‘Wrens’. Wrens were initially recruited to release men to serve at sea. This was reflected in the recruiting slogan ‘Join the Wrens today and free a man to join the Fleet.

What is the sentence of toothache?

During the crossing he suffered from acute toothache and spent the journey chewing aspirin. The troubled singer had to make an emergency appointment after suffering terrible toothache on Wednesday. If you are suffering from toothache, you certainly want treatment.

What is the sentence of peaceful?

Use “peaceful” in a sentence The park is so peaceful and quiet. He had a peaceful life. Sunday morning is a very peaceful time.