What is the meaning of Gastarbeiter?

What is the meaning of Gastarbeiter?

guest worker
Gastarbeiter (pronounced [ˈɡastˌʔaʁbaɪtɐ] ( listen); both singular and plural; lit. German for ‘guest worker’) are foreign or migrant workers, particularly those who had moved to West Germany between 1955 and 1973, seeking work as part of a formal guest worker program (Gastarbeiterprogramm).

Where do most guest workers come from?

The term guest worker is most commonly associated with its German translation, Gastarbeiter, designating the mainly Turkish workers admitted to West Germany after World War II to help rebuild the country’s infrastructure.

How many Gastarbeiters came to Germany?

Between 1961 and 1973, around 2.7 million Turks applied for a job in Germany, but only around 750,000 were actually accepted. Half of those who came returned to Turkey, according to estimates.

Who was the millionth guest worker in Germany?

Ismail Bahadir
Ismail Bahadir was the celebrated 1 millionth guest worker from southeastern Europe in Germany. He never wanted to immigrate or for his daughters to learn German. He only wanted to be a ‘guest’ and in 1981, after 12 years of factory work, he went home to Turkey.

How many guest workers stayed in Germany?

In the 1960s and 1970s, nearly a million Turkish guest workers arrived in Germany. Many intended to stay only for a few years, but ended up staying a lifetime. One couple describes their difficulties and successes with integration into German society.

Why did the Turks come to Germany?

Most Turkish people who immigrated to West Germany intended to live there temporarily and then return to Turkey so that they could build a new life with the money they had earned.

What is an example of guest worker?

A guest worker is someone who has permission to work temporarily in a foreign country. In most cases, the person is doing a specific job to help meet a company’s or nation’s labor requirement. For example, during WWII the U.S. launched the Bracero program.

When did the Gastarbeiter come to Germany?

1955: The first Gastarbeiter Treaty between Italy and Germany was signed. Nov. 1964: The first TV programs in Greek, Spanish, Italian and Turkish were broadcast for the benefit of Gastarbeiter communities.

What does the German word Gastarbeiter mean quizlet?

Gastarbeiter means guest worker.

Does Canada have guest workers?

Canada has four different programs for lower-skilled guest workers: a Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program, a Temporary Foreign Workers agricultural stream, a stream for Lower-Skill Occupations (which is the program that Jamjai was recruited into) and the Live-In Care Program that allow foreign workers to have a work …