What Yankee pitched a no hitter in 1999?

What Yankee pitched a no hitter in 1999?

David Cone’s
Yankees pitcher David Cone, eleven days after his perfect game. On Sunday, July 18, 1999, David Cone of the New York Yankees pitched the 16th perfect game in Major League Baseball (MLB) history and the third in team history, and the first no-hit game in regular season interleague play.

What is the Yankees best record ever?

The New York Yankees’ 1998 season was the 96th season for the Yankees. The team finished with a franchise record regular-season standing of 114–48.

How many runs have the Yankees scored all time?

These include games won, games started, and innings pitched. Several Yankees hold AL and MLB records. Ruth has MLB single-season records for extra-base hits and total bases, and holds four other AL single-season records….Team all-time records.

Statistic Record
Home runs 16,531
Runs 90,066

Are the 98 Yankees the best team ever?

There was simply something special in the air in 1998. The Yankees were kings of the baseball world, about to win three championships in a row, and were utterly unstoppable. They are the greatest team in baseball history, bar none.

Who was in uniform for all 3 Yankee perfect games?

Don Zimmer
Don Zimmer was in uniform for all three of the Yankees’ perfect games, albeit on the losing side in the first.

Did David Cone throw a no-hitter?

While it’s not quite the connection between Don Larsen and David Cone’s perfect games, Kluber does share something with Cone; before Kluber, Cone was the last pitcher to throw his first career no-hitter at age 35 or older.

What MLB team has the most losses all-time?

The Philadelphia Phillies
The Philadelphia Phillies have the most losses, with 11,112, while the Arizona Diamondbacks have the fewest, with 1,946. The Chicago Cubs have played 21,769 games, more than any other MLB club. Conversely, Tampa Bay has played the fewest (3,784).

Who played for the Yankees the longest?

Derek Jeter has played the most games in New York Yankees franchise history with 2,747 games.

Who has the most triples in Yankees history?

Lou Gehrig
Lou Gehrig (163 triples as a Yankee) — 1B Yet the all-time Yankees leader in the category happens to play the same position, and also happens to be the great Lou Gehrig, the man who won Pipp’s starting job and kept it for 2,130 straight games.

What made the 1998 Yankees so good?

The 1998 Yankees had a great combination of youth and experience, power and speed, and right-handed and left-handed pitching. That balance showed when the team had different leaders in batting average, home runs, hits, total bases, and walks.