What is non-coherent MTI radar?

What is non-coherent MTI radar?

Non-Coherent MTI Radar The echoes from moving target involves both amplitude and phase changes. In non-coherent MTI radar, change in amplitude is considered. As shown, modulated output from magnetron is transmitted. The received echo signal and local oscillator difference is fed to the mixer.

What are the limitations of non-coherent MTI radar system?

Its chief limitation is that the target must be inthe presence of relatively large clutter signals if moving-target detection is to take place. Clutterechoes may not always be present over the range at which detection is desired.

What is the difference between MTI radar and pulse Doppler radar?

MTI RADAR uses low pulse repetition frequency while pulse Doppler uses high and medium pulse repetition frequency. MTI RADAR has no range ambiguity while range ambiguity may occur in pulse Doppler.

What is the main difference between stalo and coho?

The coho is a stable oscillator whose frequency is the same as the intermediate frequency used in the receiver. . The local oscillator must also be a stable oscillator and is called stalo, for stable local oscillator.

What is the difference between coherent and noncoherent detection?

In coherent detection the local carrier generated at the receiver is phase locked with. the carrier at the transmitter. Hence it is also called synchronous detection. In non coherent detection the local carrier generated at the receiver not be phase.

What is blind speed in MTI radar?

The blind speed is a radial speed of the airplane at which the phase shifting of the echo-signal has the value ±n · 360° between two pulse periods. With blind speeds moving targets are suppressed by a MTI system like ground clutters.

Why delay line is introduced in MTI system?

As the name suggests, delay line introduces a certain amount of delay. So, the delay line is mainly used in Delay line canceller in order to introduce a delay of pulse repetition time. Delay line canceller is a filter, which eliminates the DC components of echo signals received from stationary targets.

Which frequency the coho in MTI radar operates?

This produces an IF signal that contains the precise phase of the broadcast, typically with outputs in the range of 1 to 60 MHz, suitable for storage in a delay line.

What is nonzero receiver?

The continuous wave radar with non zero IF provides isolation between transmitter and receiver. Separate antennas are used for transmission and reception to reduce the signal leakage. Local Oscillator provides the carrier signal whose frequency is equal to intermediate frequency.

What is a non coherent receiver?

In non coherent systems, the receiver do not need the phase information of the transmitter carrier to recover the signal. Do not require expensive and complex carrier recovery circuit. Lower bit error rate of detection.

What do you mean by non coherent?

adjective. without logical or meaningful connection; disjointed; rambling: an incoherent sentence. characterized by such thought or language, as a person: incoherent with rage. not coherent or cohering: an incoherent mixture.