Does UTF-8 has BOM?

Does UTF-8 has BOM?

The Unicode Standard permits the BOM in UTF-8, but does not require or recommend its use. Byte order has no meaning in UTF-8, so its only use in UTF-8 is to signal at the start that the text stream is encoded in UTF-8, or that it was converted to UTF-8 from a stream that contained an optional BOM.

How do I change the encoding from UTF-8 BOM to UTF-8?


  1. Download Notepad++.
  2. To check if BOM character exists, open the file in Notepad++ and look at the bottom right corner. If it says UTF-8-BOM then the file contains BOM character.
  3. To remove BOM character, go to Encoding and select Encode in UTF-8.
  4. Save the file and re-try the import.

What is UTF-16 Le BOM?

UTF-16LE: A character encoding that maps code points of Unicode character set to a sequence of 2 bytes (16 bits). UTF-16LE stands for Unicode Transformation Format – 16-bit Little Endian.

What is BOM in csv file?

The ÿþ character is known as the byte order marking (BOM) character and is commonly found as the first line of a CSV file. ÿþ can not be seen when the CSV is opened with Notepad or Excel for that an Editor is required that can display the BOM (Byte Order Mark).

What is the difference between UTF-8 and UTF-8 with BOM?

There is no official difference between UTF-8 and BOM-ed UTF-8. A BOM-ed UTF-8 string will start with the three following bytes. EF BB BF. Those bytes, if present, must be ignored when extracting the string from the file/stream.