What is a good gift to bring from NYC?

What is a good gift to bring from NYC?

Great New York Souvenirs Ideas.

  • The Statue of Liberty Figurine.
  • Trinkets from Museum of the City of New York.
  • The Museum of Modern Art Souvenirs.
  • Try New York Flea Markets Gems.
  • Carry Home New York’s Signature Scent.
  • Buy Assorted Broadway Merchandize.
  • Save Your Metro Card.
  • What are some unique souvenirs?

    50 Best and Unique Souvenir Ideas to Collect on your Travels

    • Art. We personally collect a piece of art from each country we visit.
    • Maps. You probably already picked up a map from every place you’ve been.
    • Stamps.
    • Pressed Pennies.
    • Magnets.
    • Christmas Ornament.
    • Charms for Bracelet.
    • Post Cards.

    What are some ideal souvenir ideas?

    13 Best Souvenir Ideas from around the World

    • The Cliche Souvenir.
    • Postcards.
    • Local Artisans Handicraft Souvenirs (Sustainable tourism)
    • Home décor items (paintings, vases, statues, etc.)
    • Food.
    • Local Liquor.
    • Kitchen accessories.
    • Car accessories.

    What should I get my girlfriend from New York?

    2.1 There you have it, that just about wraps up my list of the most amazing souvenirs from NYC….Best Souvenirs from NYC

    1. “I love NY” T-shirt.
    2. Sabon Sea Salt Scrubs.
    3. New York City Calendar.
    4. Bag of Olde Brooklyn Coffee.
    5. Ess-A-Bagels.
    6. DKNY Be Delicious Perfume.
    7. Official New York Yankees Hat.
    8. New York City Transit Token Money Clip.

    What souvenirs are found in Italy?

    What to Buy in Italy – The Best Souvenirs in Italy!

    • Limoncello.
    • Wine.
    • Italian Olive Oil.
    • Italian Cookbook.
    • Grappa.
    • Traditional Balsamic Vinegar.
    • Artisanal Chocolate.
    • Italian Ceramics & Pottery.

    What products is New York known for?

    New York’s Top 10 Agricultural Products

    • Milk.
    • Corn for grain.
    • Hay.
    • Cattle and calves.
    • Apples.
    • Floriculture.
    • Cabbage.
    • Sweet corn.