What is the IC number of A or Gate?

What is the IC number of A or Gate?

The IC number of OR Gate is 7432. The OR gate is a digital logic gate that combines both inputs and offers unique output.

Which IC is in the CMOS family?

The 4000 series is a CMOS logic family of integrated circuits (ICs) first introduced in 1968 by RCA. It had a supply voltage range of 5V to 20V, which is much higher than any contemporary logic family. Almost all IC manufacturers active during this initial era fabricated models for this series.

What are the IC numbers for OR & Exor?

IC Logic Circuits

IC 7400 NAND IC 7420 4-input NAND Gates IC 7432 OR Gates
IC 7402 NOR IC 7486 XOR
IC 7404 Hex Inverter IC 7408 Quad AND gate

How many gates are there in one IC?

Because gates are manufactured in IC form, typically containing two to six gates of the same type, it is often uneconomical to use a complete IC of six gates to perform a particular logic function. A better solution may be to use just a single type of gate to perform any of the logic operations required.

Which of the following IC contains 6 logic gates?

Two−input gates are common, but if only a single input is required, such as in the 7404 NOT(or inverter) gates, a 14 pin IC can accommodate 6 (or Hex) gates. The greatest number of inputs on a single gate is on the 74133 13 input NAND gate, which is accommodated in a 16 pin package.

What is CMOS family?

CMOS logic family is a group of logic circuits, built with complementary MOS devices. All the logic gates that are built with MOSFET devices will come under MOS logic family. MOS Logic family can be classified into three categories.

What is IC 7486?

The 7486 is a high-speed CMOS Logic Quad 2-input XOR Gate. 74HCT86 contains four independent EOR gates in one package. Logic gates utilize silicon gate CMOS technology to achieve operating speeds similar to LSTTL gates with low power consumption.