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What language is chucha?

What language is chucha?

English Translation of “chucha” | Collins Spanish-English Dictionary.

Is Manicou and possum the same?

The common opossum (Didelphis marsupialis), also called the southern or black-eared opossum or gambá, and sometimes called a possum, is a marsupial species living from the northeast of Mexico to Bolivia (reaching the coast of the South Pacific Ocean to the central coast of Peru), including Trinidad and Tobago in the …

What is the common name for a opossum?

Didelphis marsupialis (common opossum)

What do Salvadorans call possums?

So, “Falangero” is correct for “possum”, and it’s derived from the latin name of the suborder they belong (Phalangeriformes). Anyway, I guess possums are not quite common animals. For “opossum” the spanish word is “zarigüeya”.

What country is chucha?

Chucha. In Colombia, chucha is used to describe bad armpit odor. In Argentina, on the other hand, it describes the female reproductive organ and is, similarly, used as an insult in several Latin American countries. In Chile, the phrase “está a la chucha” is used to say that something is far away.

What does the word opossum?

1 : any of a family (Didelphidae) of small- to medium-sized American marsupials that usually have a pointed snout and nearly hairless scaly prehensile tail, are typically active at night, and are sometimes hunted for their fur or meat especially : a common omnivorous largely nocturnal mammal (Didelphis virginiana) of …

What does chucha mean in Cuba?

dates, (you) date About.

Is Manicou a type of rat?

Our Manicou belongs to the family of Didelphidae or Sarigues, which are small marsupials reaching at most the size of a cat and, often do not exceed that of a rat. They have a stocky body and a more or less pointed muzzle. Their hind limbs are a little longer than the forelimbs. They have a marsupial pocket.

What does a Manicou look like?

The common opossum generally has a white head with black ears. The back of the opossum may be black or darkly coloured and may extend as a stripe on the crown tapering to a point between the eyes. The eyes of this species are black and shiny.

Can opossums carry rabies?

One important fact to note: Opossums do not carry rabies. It is a common myth that they do, but opossums’ body temperature is slightly lower than that of other mammals, and so the rabies virus cannot take hold.