Where can you watch the boy in a dress?

Where can you watch the boy in a dress?

Currently you are able to watch “The Boy in the Dress” streaming on Virgin TV Go.

Is there a boy in the dress movie?

Dennis, a twelve-year-old boy, enjoys football and fashion. The film shows the reactions of his family and friends to his eclectic activities.

Is The Boy in the Dress a PG?

It is aimed at readers aged eight to twelve, and is intended to teach children that cross-dressing is a healthy and acceptable hobby and not something to be ashamed of.

Where was the boy in a dress filmed?

The Boy In The Dress is a co-venture between King Bert Productions and BBC In-house Comedy and will be filmed in London. It has been adapted by Kevin Cecil and Andy Riley alongside David Walliams himself and tells the story of a 12-year-old boy, Dennis.

What is a boy in a dress about?

The Boy in the Dress tells the story of a 12-year-old Dennis, the star striker of the school football team, who feels different. “It is a story about celebrating difference and hopefully that speaks to everyone,” said Walliams.

Who played The Boy in the Dress?

Dennis is an ordinary boy but he feels different….Credits.

Role Contributor
Jaspreet Meera Syal
Dad Steve Speirs
Mr Hawthorn Tim McInnerny
Raj Harish Patel

Who plays Raj in The Boy in the Dress?

Harish Patel

Role Contributor
Raj Harish Patel
Herself Kate Moss
Miss Price Felicity Montagu
Lisa Temi Orelaja

What happened in The Boy in the Dress?

Loud shopkeeper Raj selling him a fashion magazine without required discretion leads to befriending fashion-obsessed classmate Lisa. The would be-designer persuades him to try out one of her designs, which escalates into posing as a French exchange student so he can cross-dress at school.

Who are the characters in The Boy in the Dress?

The Boy in the Dress

  • Dennis Sims. Dennis was different.
  • Mr Hawtrey. The headmaster, Mr Hawtrey, hated children.
  • Lisa James. Lisa James.
  • Raj. The shop was run by a very jolly man called Raj, who laughed even when nothing funny was happening.
  • Dad. Dad was fat.
  • John Sims.
  • Darvesh Singh.
  • Mac Cribbins.

Where can I watch Boy UK?

Boy A is available exclusively on All 4 now.

Who plays Dennis in The Boy in the Dress?

Actor Billy Kennedy
Actor Billy Kennedy, 13, stars in the BBC One adaptation of David Walliams’ book The Boy in the Dress, as schoolboy Dennis, who develops an unconventional love for women’s fashion.