How many RSIC clips?

How many RSIC clips?

RSIC-1: 72 clips per man hour. Drywall Furring Channel: 550LF per man hour.

What are RSIC clips?

The RSIC-1 Resilient Sound Isolation Clip RSIC-1 Resilient Sound Isolation Clips provide 2 unique approaches to sound privacy that will prevent sound from noisy neighbors from transmitting through your walls or floor/ceiling assemblies.

What are soundproof clips?

Resilient Sound Clips are used to soundproof walls in ceilings by decoupling one side of the structure from the other. This allows each side to vibrate independently and drastically cut down on the sound transfer.

What are sound isolation clips?

Sound isolation clips are designed to allow a decoupling separation between the walls and ceiling from the underlying framing studs and joists.

What is RSIC?

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What are isolation clips?

The sound isolating clips help isolate the new wall or ceiling from the existing structure by limiting the contact between the two structures. Sound clips are designed to absorb vibrational sound from the existing structure and allow the hat channel to flex in suspension which helps reduce sound transmission.

What is a resilient sound clip?

How many whisper clips do I need?

As a general rule, figure one Whisper Clip for every 5 square feet (20% of total square footage). However, since more clips are required for the ends of the walls / ceiling, we recommending purchasing at least 23% of total square footage (multiply the total square footage by . 23).