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What will be the XPath expression to select?

What will be the XPath expression to select?

In XPath, path expression is used to select nodes or node-sets in an XML document….Selecting Nodes.

Path Expression Result
bookstore//book Selects all book elements that are descendant of the bookstore element, no matter where they are under the bookstore element.
//@lang Selects all attributes that are named lang.

What are the attributes of XPath?

XPath Attribute Expression For Finding XPath Node

Expression Description
/empinfo/employee/@id Element attribute of the root element Select employee elements with id attribute of the empinfo root element.
@* all attribute of the context node
//@* All attribute within XML document
//@id id attribute within XML document

How do you write an XPath expression?

What Is XPath?

  1. The basic format of XPath is explained below.
  2. XPath contains the path of the element situated on the web page. Standard syntax for creating XPath is as follows:
  3. XPath=//tagname[@attribute=’value’]
  4. To find the element on web pages accurately, there are a number of different types of locators.

How do you find the value of an attribute?

To get the value of an attribute of an element, you use the getAttribute() method:

  1. let attributeValue = element.getAttribute(attributeName);
  2. const link = document.querySelector(‘a’); let title = link.getAttribute(‘title’);
  3. Save

How does selenium determine attributes?

The getAttribute() method helps to get the value of any attribute of a web element, which is returned as a String. If an attribute has a Boolean value, the method returns either True or null. Also, if there is no attribute, the method will return null.

What is value of select in XSLT?

The XSLT element is used to extract the value of selected node. It puts the value of selected node as per XPath expression, as text.

Which of the following expression is used for select all node in XPath?

XPath node test is a part of XPath expression for finding nodes in XML document….XPath Node Test Examples.

Select Axis Description
child::* Select All child nodes of the context node.
child::node() Select all child nodes of the context node.

How do you select the last element in XPath?

Using XPath- last() method, we can write the Java code along with the dynamic XPath location as: findElement(By. xpath(“(//input[@type=’text’])[last()]”))