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Who was the baby in the movie South Central?

Who was the baby in the movie South Central?

Allan Hatcher
South Central (1992) – Allan Hatcher as Baby Jimmie – IMDb.

Who played J Rock in South Central?

Christian Coleman
South Central (1992) – Christian Coleman as Jimmie – IMDb.

Who played Ali in South Central?

He has a new cellmate, Ali (Carl Lumbly), who tries to reach out to Bobby. Soon after, the two get into an argument and Ali tells Bobby that he lost his son to street violence by not being there for him as his father. Ali is serving a life sentence for killing the three murderers of his son.

Who played Loco on the movie South Central?

Vincent Craig Dupree
When one of them, Loco (Vincent Craig Dupree), propositions a hooker who is an undercover cop, they are arrested. The police finger Bobby in the drug dealer’s killing and he is convicted of murder. He holds his baby one last time before leaving for prison.

What happened to Loco in South Central?

Alliterative Name: Jimmy Johnson. Ambiguous Disorder: It’s not clear what’s wrong with Loco. His spastic mannerisms and speech imply that something is off but it could just be hyperactivity. When he gets thrown in jail, however, he’s clearly become hooked on drugs, and becomes even worse off.

Who played OG Bobby Johnson in South Central?

Glenn Plummer
South Central (1992) – Glenn Plummer as Bobby – IMDb.

How old is Glenn Plummer?

60 years (August 18, 1961)Glenn Plummer / Age

Is South Central based on a true story?

The movie is based on Crips, a novel by a south central L.A. high school teacher named Donald Bakeer. It was written and directed by Steve Anderson, who has served time, and whose view of prison life has a particular authenticity.

What is South La considered?

It is “defined on Los Angeles city maps as a 16-square-mile rectangle with two prongs at the south end.” In 2003, the Los Angeles City Council renamed this area “South Los Angeles”….

South Los Angeles
The junction of the 110 and the 105 freeways
Country United States
State California
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When was Bumpy Johnson in Alcatraz?

Ellsworth ‘Bumpy’ Johnson Johnson came to Alcatraz in 1952, at the height of his reign as the so-called “Godfather of Harlem,” after he was sentenced to a 15-year stint for a drug conspiracy conviction. Johnson served the majority of that sentence at Alcatraz, before being released on parole in 1963.