Is Systema better than Krav Maga?

Is Systema better than Krav Maga?

The biggest difference between Systema and Krav Maga is in their philosophical approach. Systema is centuries old and its focus is not just self-defense but an individual’s improvement as a person. Combat training is a part of a Systema practitioner; it does not embody his/her whole existence.

Is Systema an effective martial art?

Yes, Systema is a quite effective martial arts technique. Although it also depends on the trainee that if he or she has practiced it enough or not. The true test of its effectiveness can be administered when someone goes through a difficult situation.

Can you learn Systema on your own?

Systema training can be undertaken by practically anybody. All shapes, sizes and fitness levels are accepted. All that is required is a willingness to work hard, open up, and discover the strength, power and freedom that already resides within.

How old is Systema?

Systema practitioners trace its history back almost 1,000 years, when it was initially developed by Cossack armies defending themselves from invaders. It has gone through different mutations and versions through different eras of Russian history, and in a post-Cold War era, is finding a new audience around the world.

How does Systema work?

Systema teaches how to “self-heal” while fighting. Systema practitioners work with how to handle very impactful punches so they do less internal damage, and then to use this against the attacker, instead of letting do more self-harm. All the movements are designed not to hurt self, deteriorate, nor injure yourself.

Is Systema is effective for self-defense?

Yes, Systema is excellent for self-defence. But remember it’s not just for self-defence, just like BJJ, or kickboxing, Wing Chun, Judo or others. It is a system designed to improve human functionality and not just the ability to fight.

What does Systema focus on?

Systema has at the root a focus upon breathing – posture – relaxation – movement. They are all worked together, and all the time, as a true focus. These will be tied into and support all the rest. Most other systems don’t spend a lot of time on these or they are built-into their technique-based approaches.

What is Systema fighting style?

Systema advocates a straight-edge lifestyle and instructs fighters to discard ego, fear, and tension in the heat of combat. In its purest form, this martial art is non-competitive and doesn’t rely on belts, grades, or titles. These Systema practitioners lie somewhere between Matrix-style fighters and weekend warriors.