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How do I see traffic on Google Maps API?

How do I see traffic on Google Maps API?

Google Maps traffic information is available via the Distance Matrix API, and to access it, the only thing you need to do is to get a developer key from Google. You can call the service up to 2,500 times in a 24-hour period for free, which should be fine for most advertisers.

Can you make a legend in Google Maps?

Legends generally describe the symbols and markers on a map. You can create them using the positioning feature of custom controls. The map below contains a legend that provides information about three different custom markers on the map.

What do the traffic symbols mean on Google Maps?

Traffic colors Green: No traffic delays. Orange: Medium amount of traffic. Red: Traffic delays. The darker the red, the slower the speed of traffic on the road.

What is Google traffic API?

Traffic Layer The Maps JavaScript API allows you to add real-time traffic information (where supported) to your maps using the TrafficLayer object. Traffic information is refreshed frequently, but not instantly. Rapid consecutive requests for the same area are unlikely to yield different results.

How do you create a legend on a map?

To add a legend, complete the following steps:

  1. Open a layout with at least one map frame.
  2. Select the map frame in the Contents pane.
  3. Optionally, expand the map in the Contents pane to select a subset of layers.
  4. On the Insert tab, in the Map Surrounds group, click Legend.
  5. Format the legend.

How do I add a legend to my map?

To add a legend for a map, use the following steps:

  1. If necessary, click the Layer options button. on the map toolbar to display the map layers.
  2. Expand a layer. to view the Layer options pane.
  3. On the Legend tab , click the Pop out legend button . A legend card is added to the page.

What does the leaf mean on Google Maps?

Common sense tells you that a green leaf probably signals something to do with eco-friendliness, and that’s pretty much exactly what’s going on here. Google Maps calls it the “fuel-efficient” route. It calculates a route that includes the least traffic, the least hills, and more constant speeds.

How can I see traffic at a certain time?

Check Traffic at Different times on Desktop

  1. Start by entering your destination address or location name.
  2. Next, select from the dropdown list or press enter.
  3. Next, click the blue “Directions” button.
  4. Now, click on the “leave now” dropdown.
  5. Choose “Depart at” or “Arrive by,” whichever you prefer.