What is tindalo wood?

What is tindalo wood?

Definition of tindalo 1 : a timber tree (Pahudia rhomboidea) of the family Leguminosae of the Philippines having a hard valuable wood like that of the ipil. 2 : the wood of the tindalo.

What tree has the scientific name of afzelia Rhomboidea?

Afzelia rhomboidea
Species: A. rhomboidea
Binomial name
Afzelia rhomboidea (Blanco) Fern.-Vill.

What is the scientific name of tindalo?

Afzelia rhomboideaAfzelia rhomboidea / Scientific name

How to germinate tindalo seeds?

Dig a plant hole with dimensions of at least 20 cm x 20 cm x 20 cm. Plant the seedling at proper depth. Root collar should be at level with or a little below the ground surface, with the seedling oriented upward. Fill the hole with top or garden soil and press soil firmly around the base of the seedling.

Is Philippine mahogany a hardwood?

Philippine dark red mahogany is a tropical hardwood typically from South East Asia and widely used as an alternative to teak.

What is the hardest wood in the Philippines?

Xanthostemon verdugonianus is known to be the hardest Philippine hardwood species.

What is Dao tree?

Dao is a tree that reaches a height of about 35-40 m and a diameter of 100 cm or more. The base of the stem is prominently buttressed. The outer bark is light gray to reddish gray in color, smooth, flaky, slightly slippery in character, and moderately thick (6 to 10 mm).

What is Guijo tree?

Guijo (Shorea guiso) is a species of plant in the family Dipterocarpaceae. It is a tree found in Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Sumatra, Peninsular Malaysia, Borneo and the Philippines. The name guijo is a Philippine Spanish word derived from the Tagalog gihò.

What is the color of tindalo wood?

Color : Tindalo. Paper Color : Brown. Category : Cover. Paper Size : 8.5 X 11.

Is Philippine mahogany good?

Philippine Mahogany/Meranti has been used for centuries as a less expensive substitute for Mahogany and is an excellent choice for everything from structural work, boat building, outdoor furniture, and decking.

What color is Philippine mahogany?

Fire Properties The heartwood of Philippine dark red mahogany comes in various shades of red, from pale pink to deep red brown. The sapwood is cream to pale grey and easily identified, with its much higher density and uniformity of colour setting it apart. The wood is tightly grained with a very fine and even texture.