How do you write a good heritage statement?

How do you write a good heritage statement?

A heritage statement should outline the overall significance of the building, conservation area, neighbouring heritage assets and its setting. This should outline what is of high, medium and low significance, adding to the understanding of the building and how it has changed over time.

What is a planning heritage statement?

A Heritage Statement is an assessment of the significance of heritage assets and/or their settings affected by a development, and of the impacts of that development upon them.

How do you write a statement of heritage significance?

Tips for writing heritage value statements: Focus on the question “Why is this place significant?” that can be understood by a wide range of people. value; facts are only relevant if they help to identify, define, or support the value of the historic place.

What is a design access and heritage statement?

A design and access (DAS) statement is a short report accompanying and supporting a planning application. They provide a framework for applicants to explain how a proposed development is a suitable response to the site and its setting, and demonstrate that it can be adequately accessed by prospective users.

Do I need a heritage statement?

A heritage statement should accompany applications for: substantial or total demolition of a building in a conservation area, works to buildings on the local list, works affecting the setting of a listed building or a conservation area, and.

What is a heritage impact assessment?

Planning for the Historic Environment requires applicants to provide a description of the significance of the heritage assets affected and the contribution of their setting to that significance.

How do you write a design and access statement?

What information should be included in a design and access statement?

  1. a description of the existing property or site.
  2. an explanation of the design principles and concepts behind the proposed development.
  3. a description of the intended use of the proposed development.
  4. a description of the layout of the proposed development.

Where do you first write the statement of significance?

The statement of the significance of the study is used by students and researchers in academic writing to convey the importance of the research performed; this section is written at the end of the introduction and should describe the specific contribution made and who it benefits.

What should a planning statement include?

It should demonstrate:

  • Local context;
  • The need for the proposed development;
  • How the proposed development accords with relevant national, regional and local planning policies;
  • Whether emerging policies should be taken into consideration; and.
  • Set out other material considerations that should be taken into consideration.

How do you write a design and access statement for planning?

What is a heritage assessment?

Heritage impact assessment is a structured process to make sure that you take the significance of your historic asset into account when you are developing and designing proposals for change.

What heritage includes?

Heritage is the full range of our inherited traditions, monuments, objects, and culture. Most important, it is the range of contemporary activities, meanings, and behaviors that we draw from them. Heritage includes, but is much more than preserving, excavating, displaying, or restoring a collection of old things.