Where can I find Isoprep certificate?

Where can I find Isoprep certificate?

If unable to access SIPRNET and you have access to AKO, complete/submit the ISOPREP via the Army Knowledge On-Line (AKO) PRO-File tool located on the NIPRNET at: or (link works from .

How do I update my army Isoprep?

Contact the PRCC to enter your completed/reviewed date for your ISOPREP if you have just created a profile. If you are only accomplishing a review, you may update your review date on your own. You are required to review your ISOPREP a minimum of six months prior to deployment/TDY start date.

What is Isoprep Air Force?

The ISOPREP is a data card maintained on all “At Risk” personnel at a minimum. It contains personal data known only to the At Risk person and is used by recovery forces to positively authenticate the IMDC person. The ISOPREP is the individual Soldier’s most important source of authentication data.

Is Isoprep on Jko?

This training is housed by Joint Knowledge Online (JKO and requires Internet Explorer. You must take the training prior to departure, and give your CCMR POC a copy of your training certificate as proof.

What does Isoprep stand for Army?

ISOPREP is the acronym for the “isolated personnel report” that documents unique information on an aircrew to allow for positive identification during a search-and-rescue operation.

How often is SERE 100.2 required?

once every 20 months
SERE 100 was created to ensure Airmen are prepared for what they would face in captivity. The SERE 100 CBT is located in the mobility and readiness section of ADLS. The training is required once every 20 months after the initial SERE 100 training is complete.

How often is sere 100.2 required?

Is Isoprep classified?

The ISOPREP form becomes classified CONFIDENTIAL, releasable to the author when blocks 50 – 54 are completed, and must be handled appropriately.

How long is SERE 100 level a training good for?

The training is required once every 20 months after the initial SERE 100 training is complete.

How do I get to Jko?

To get to JKO, go to Click “enter JKO”. Login on AKO and it will direct you to the JKO homepage.

What does Army score mean?

The acronym SCORE is used to help guide your behavior in captivity. What does SCORE stand for? Survive. Communicate. Organize.