Where is Globe Union located?

Where is Globe Union located?

Globe Union Industrial Corporation maintains its worldwide headquarters in Taichung, Taiwan.

How do I know what kind of faucet cartridge I have?

Use a caliper or ruler and measure the cartridge. Do this by measuring from the base to the tip (from seat to splines). Pay attention to the length tier of your cartridge (Lengths range from 1–12). Next, identify the broach pattern with the broach chart (see page B-5).

How much does it cost to replace a kitchen faucet cartridge?

Faucet prices alone are between $100 and $350, while the labor cost that you can expect from your plumber to replace a bathroom, bathtub, or kitchen faucet is between $45 and $150 an hour….Average Faucet Installation/ Replacement Cost.

Type of Faucet Average Cost to Install
Bathtub Faucet $150 to $400

Who makes gobo shower valves?

Globe Union
Globe Union* is a Chinese manufacturer, and have made faucets for the following brands: B&K Danze; Gerber; Glacier Bay; Pegasus and Others. Many of their parts have “GOBO” embossed onto the part.

How do I identify my american standard faucet?

Look on the base of the shower faucet spout on the front. American Standard shower faucets have the words “American Standard” printed on them. If your faucet is corroded or has lime scale, spray with a cleaning agent and wipe it with a towel to make the letters legible.

Who is Globe Union Group?

Globe Union Group, Inc. markets and distributes plumbing products and accessories. The Company offers products such as faucets, showerheads, bath accessories, porcelain fixtures, and hardware.

What are the parts of a kitchen faucet called?

Cartridges & Stems.

  • Aerators & Flow Restrictors.
  • Washers & Washer Kits.
  • Escutcheons & Flanges.
  • O-Rings & O-Ring Kits.
  • Caps & Index Buttons.
  • What are the parts of a kitchen sink faucet called?

    Parts of a sink faucet include a water spout, controls, gaskets, flanges, aerators, washers and an assortment of screws, depending on the kitchen or bathroom sink faucet you have in your home.