How long does the RAF AST take?

How long does the RAF AST take?

about 90 minutes
Altogether the AST will take about 90 minutes. Tests are strictly timed so that everyone taking the AST has the same opportunity to complete them. Don’t spend too much time on any one question and try to answer as many questions as you can in the time allowed.

Can you fail the AST RAF?

The AST can be failed, if a candidate does not answer enough questions correctly to be offered any role. Applicants may retake the AST for a better score, but only once. If you fail a second time, you may not be able to resit for several years.

What is the RAF AST test?

What is the Airman/Airwoman Selection Test (AST)? The Airman/Airwoman Selection Test is an aptitude assessment. It is used alongside a health assessment, fitness test, pre-recruit training and interviews, to decide whether candidates are suitable for recruitment into the RAF.

What is an AST score?

The AST measures your ability to do the trade that you have applied for. You need to pass this to be eligible to continue the application for your chosen trade.

How do you prepare for AST?

The skills required for success in the AST are believed to develop slowly as a result of a variety of experiences, of which formal schooling is one important element. Your best preparation is to read widely and to think critically.

What happens if you fail AST?

If you fail the AST, you will be given a second chance to take it, but if you fail a second time, you may be required to wait a significant amount of time (years) before you can retake it.

Can you fail the AST test?

What should I revise for RAF AST?

The sections you can revise for the most are the Verbal (English), Numerical (Maths), Mechanical and Electrical sections. The parts that you cannot easily revise for are the Memory tests, Work Rate, and Spatial Reasoning. These are the sections which are most reliant on natural ability. You either have it or you don’t.

How hard is AST?

Though ASTs experience some of the most demanding schooling and training of any known U.S. Military unit, there are no reported deaths during training. Candidates are expected to undergo intense training so they are prepared to handle dangerous, high-risk rescue missions.

Can you study for the AST?

What is AST score?

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