What is a impedance plethysmography?

What is a impedance plethysmography?

Impedance plethysmography is used to measure changes in volume associated with changes in electrical impedance. Combined with the venous occlusion method, this technique can be used to measure blood flow in a limb or digit.

What is ascending venography?

Venography (also called phlebography or ascending phlebography) is a procedure in which an x-ray of the veins, a venogram, is taken after a special dye is injected into the bone marrow or veins. The dye has to be injected constantly via a catheter, making it an invasive procedure.

What is IPG ultrasound?

In some countries, impedance plethysmography (IPG) has been the initial noninvasive diagnostic test of choice and has been shown to be sensitive and specific for proximal vein thrombosis.

How does impedance Pneumography determine respiratory rate?

The impedance pneumograph is a bioimpedance recorder for indirect measurement of respiration. Using superficial thoracic electrodes, the impedance pneumograph measures respiratory volume and rate through the relationship between respiratory depth and thoracic impedance change.

What is venography used for?

A venogram is used to confirm a diagnosis of DVT. It is also used to tell if a vein problem is a blood clot or another kind of blockage. It can be used to look at vein problems present at birth (congenital) or to find a vein for bypass graft surgery. It may be used to find out what is causing swelling or pain in a leg.

What is a venogram with IVUS?

A venogram is a procedure to make the veins visible for the doctor to see blood flow. Venograms are used to diagnose and determine treatment options for a number of vascular diseases including but not limited to Deep Vein Thrombosis and Ilac Vein Compression.

Is venogram and venography the same?

A venogram, also known as venography, is an x-ray exam that is performed to examine the health of the veins — typically in your legs. During a venogram, your doctor will inject a contrast dye into the vessels to examine how blood is flowing through your veins.