Can surgery fix pectus carinatum?

Can surgery fix pectus carinatum?

The pectus carinatum can be corrected surgically using the Modified Ravitch Procedure. This involves an incision across the chest, to open the chest wall and gain access to the ribs. The deformed cartilages are then removed from each side of the chest.

How painful is pectus carinatum surgery?

The surgical repair of pectus carinatum is a painful procedure. Length of stay in the hospital is determined primarily by pain control.

Does pectus carinatum surgery leave a scar?

Complications of the open operation included bleeding, infection, injury to the lungs and pleura, and possible need for placement of chest drains. The end result is rated as very good but it does leave a long scar on the chest.

How long do Nuss bars stay?

Because the sternum is forced outward and held under great pressure, the Nuss procedure results in more pain and discomfort than the modified ravitch procedure. The steel structs must remain in place for approximately 2-4 years in order to properly reform the chest.

Can you lay flat after Nuss procedure?

Mobilization after Nuss procedure It is thus of great importance that you quickly get on your feet again. We expect you to sit up, stand and walk on the day of the operation. You should not lie in bed, but should promptly resume your everyday life. This is all part of your exercise regime.

What is Ravitch surgery?

The Ravitch procedure involves an incision across the chest and the removal of the cartilage that causes the defect. The sternum is then placed in the normal position. If your child is being treated for pectus excavatum, a small bar is then inserted under the sternum to hold it in the desired position.