Does Toyota sell repair manuals?

Does Toyota sell repair manuals?

TIS is available to the public through a subscription. Subscriptions to this information service can be purchased for daily, monthly or annual access. TIS provides access to all of the key service, maintenance, and reference publications necessary to support Toyota vehicles including: Collision Repair Manuals.

Are Toyota Hiace reliable?

As is common with many Toyota models, the Toyota Hiace has earned a reputation for reliability among light commercial van owners. All the trim levels sport capable engines that will last much longer than your projections with proper care.

What is Toyota Hiace engine?

Available with 3, 15 or 16 seats, the Toyota Hiace is truly versatile model, equipped with a 2.5L or 3.0L diesel engine that provides the power needed to carry cargo or passengers in and around the city or rural areas.

How long is Toyota warranty?

Every Toyota vehicle is supported by a 36-month/36,000-mile limited warranty coverage. But it doesn’t stop there. 36 months/36,000 miles (all components other than normal wear and maintenance items).

How many kms will a Toyota Hiace last?

Why do people want Hiace so much? That’s because Hiace has the reliability that it can run up to 1 million km. Therefore, even if the mileage is 300,000 km, it will be judged to “run another 700,000 km”! The trust that “Hiace can run up to 1 million km” is what the overseas people who actually drive Hiace experienced.

How many miles will a Toyota Hiace last?

The Toyota Hiace is a solidly built and can last 300,000 miles or more with no major issues. It can last for 20 years if you average 15,000 miles per year. However, this high mileage requires regular maintenance and proper use.

What does 7L mean in Toyota HiAce?

Transport And Lifting Services /
Toyota Hiace 7L | Transport And Lifting Services / TnlTransport And Lifting Services / Tnl. Speed Limiter.

Does Toyota warranty cover suspension?

Brakes, steering and suspension items are not warranted beyond the applicable comprehensive warranty coverage. Parts replaced under battery, extended retail muffler or shock absorber warranties are not warranted.