What is k12 pedagogy?

What is k12 pedagogy?

Pedagogy is the art or science of being a teacher. This is the modern interpretation. The word comes from the ancient Greek paidagogos, the slave who supervised the education of slave children in the trade into which they were directed.

What are pedagogical approaches?

The pedagogical approaches are commonly understood as the approaches to teaching. It is referred to the theory and practice of learning and how this process has an impact and is. influenced by the social, cultural, economic and the political factors of the students.

What are the methods and strategies for teaching science in K-12 curriculum?

Methods for teaching science

  • Lecture (teacher-centred)
  • Hands-on activities (student-centred)
  • Project Based learning (student-centred)
  • Peer-led team learning (student-centred)
  • Flipped learning (student-centred)
  • Differentiation (student-centred)
  • It’s up to you!
  • Further enrichment ideas.

What are approaches to learning?

It refers to the skills and behaviors that children use to engage in learning. The Approaches to Learning domain incorporates emotional, behavioral, and cognitive self-regulation under a single umbrella to guide teaching practices that support the development of these skills.