Is there a minimum spend at Skyview Bar Burj Al Arab?

Is there a minimum spend at Skyview Bar Burj Al Arab?

It’s a minimum spend arrangement; 350 dhs per person. Should get you a couple of cocktails and some bar snacks.

How long is afternoon tea at Burj Al Arab?

Cuisine: The Ultimate Afternoon Tea at Sahn Eddar is a seven-course afternoon tea. The menu is nearly identical to the one offered at the Skyview Bar Sky Tea. Guests can choose from a selection of teas, coffees, finger sandwiches, French pastries, scones and jams. Reservations: Reservations are required.

How much does it cost to stay at the Burj Al Arab for one night?

The Burj is famous for its striking sail-shape design, and the lavish suite, which is one of the most expensive hotel rooms in the world, has an average price tag of $24,000 a night.

How much does it cost to enter Burj Al Arab?

there is no charge for going into the burj as long as you have a reservation in one of the restaurants. If you havent, they will turn you away at the security gate. Children are not allowed in the skyview bar which is the best place to have afternoon tea but can take tea in the sahn edder restaurant on the 1st floor.

Can you wear shorts in Burj Al Arab?

You can wear shorts in the lobby before 6pm, we came up from the pool after 6 in shorts and nobody said anything to us, i wore jeans to the sky bar and that was fine, however men had to wear full length trousers or jeans, no tailored shorts, the al mahara requires men to wear trousers and a long sleeved shirt at lunch …

How much is a cocktail in Dubai?

The price of 1 cocktail drink in downtown club in Dubai is Dirham 80. This average is based on 9 price points.

How much is a cup of coffee at Burj Al Arab?

you don’t miss it is the most famous and beautifull place at DUBAI. ONLY the prices is too high e.g a cup of coffee there cost 25 euro.

Do you have to pay to visit Burj Al Arab?