What is the chemical formula for Oxyluciferin?

What is the chemical formula for Oxyluciferin?

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Chemical Formula C33H38N4O7
Molecular Weight 602.69 Daltons
Monoisotopic Mass 604.2896996595 Daltons

What is luciferin luciferase reaction?

Luciferase is an enzyme. An enzyme is a chemical (called a catalyst) that interacts with a substrate to affect the rate of a chemical reaction. The interaction of the luciferase with oxidized (oxygen-added) luciferin creates a byproduct, called oxyluciferin. More importantly, the chemical reaction creates light.

How do you get luciferin?

Prepare a 200X luciferin stock solution (30 mg/ml) in sterile water. Mix gently by inversion until luciferin is completely dissolved. Use immediately, or aliquot and freeze at -20°C for future use.

What does Oxyluciferin mean?

Definition of oxyluciferin : the product formed by the reversible oxidation of luciferin promoted by luciferase.

What is luciferase reporter assay?

A luciferase reporter assay is a test that investigates whether a protein can activate or repress the expression of a target gene using luciferase as a reporter protein (Carter & Shieh, 2015).

What is chemistry of bioluminescence?

Chemistry. The chemical reaction that results in bioluminescence requires two unique chemicals: luciferin and either luciferase or photoprotein. Luciferin is the compound that actually produces light. In a chemical reaction, luciferin is called the substrate.

What is bioluminescence Mcq?

Bioluminescence is the phenomenon of production and emission of light by a living organism. It is mainly seen in marine organisms.

Why is luciferin called luciferin?

“Luciferin” got its name from the Latin word “lucifer” (meaning “light-bearing”), which is also a source of the word that is sometimes used as a name of the devil.

What is the gene code for luciferin?

1. The h3h gene showed sequence similarity with 3-hydroxybenzoate 6-monooxygenases, enzymes that catalyze oxidation of 3-hydroxybenzoate using NADH and molecular oxygen. This reaction is identical to that which converts hispidin into luciferin (Fig.

Can I buy luciferin?

Luciferin should be purchased and stored in the smallest quantity possible to prevent decomposition to dehydroluciferin from multiple freeze-thaw-open cycles. If purchased in bulk, dividing the luciferin reagent into single-use amber vials will help ensure stability.