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Which cloud Drive works in China?

Which cloud Drive works in China?

There’s no alternative to Dropbox or Google Drive in China, but these cloud storage services can be accessed without a VPN….Privacy Data in China.

Local Foreign
1. Baidu Wangpan 5. pCloud
2. Weiyun 6.
3. Nutstore 7. Icedrive
4. 8. Tresorit

Is OneDrive accessible in China?

Yes, the OneDrive website is blocked but the synchronization solutions for your mobile phone, laptop, and/or desktop still works in China (Shanghai). Also you need to specify exactly which OneDrive solution: OneDrive for personal usage → works. OneDrive for business (Office 365) → works.

How do I share a file to China?

FileCloud is an on-premises file sharing solution used by many enterprises in China. Files and libraries sync easily and amazingly fast in any country, including China, letting you send large files without a VPN. There is no upload or download limit for files, and no user storage quota limit.

Is Sharefile blocked in China?

Sharefile by Citrix is readily available in China. You do not need a VPN for file transfers.

Does China allow Dropbox?

Dropbox is blocked by the Great Firewall of China, but some users try to use a VPN, but this is often slow and may not work even with a paid VPN.

What file sharing sites work in China?

FileCloud Online is an enterprise file share and sync solution that is used by many companies in China. FileCloud is a secure platform which enables you to share large files across China without a VPN. With FileCloud, files and libraries sync easily and blazingly fast in any country, including China.

Is Dropbox banned in China?

Does nihao cloud work in China?

Is Nihao cloud service is available in the Chinese Mainland? Yes its available in China and it works fast without needing VPN. China Mainland users need to use different login domain names that are tested to work in China.

Can China access Dropbox?

Can China access Wetransfer?

The Chinese government has blocked all file transfer services by other parties. As a result, our page can’t load correctly anymore, and transfers via our service are currently unavailable because of that.