What does it mean when Treponema pallidum is non-reactive?

What does it mean when Treponema pallidum is non-reactive?

pallidum Ab screen Non-Reactive Non-Reactive for antibodies to Treponema pallidum, the causative agent of Syphilis. Equivocal Initial T. pallidum screening test equivocal. This could represent a true reactive or this could be a false reactive screening test.

What does nonreactive mean for syphilis?

A negative or nonreactive result means you don’t likely have syphilis. Positive results are given as a ratio in titers. This tells your healthcare provider the amount of antibodies in your blood.

What does non-reactive mean in Treponema pallidum IGG IGM?

Syphilis germs are seen. Syphilis tests of blood and spinal fluid. Normal: No syphilis antibodies are found. This is called a nonreactive or negative result.

What does NR mean in syphilis test?

NR = Non-reactive (negative) biological false positive reaction; the non- reactive fluorescent treponemal antibody absorp- tion test result made a diagnosis of primary. syphilis unlikely.

What is non reactive Treponema?

Non-treponemal antibodies are detected by the rapid plasma reagin (RPR) assay, which is typically positive during current infection and negative following treatment or during late/latent forms of syphilis.

How do you read a non-reactive syphilis test?

Results of nontreponemal testing may be reported as positive, also called reactive, or negative, also called non-reactive. If positive, the results may also indicate the amount of antibody present in the sample used for testing. A positive nontreponemal test result means that a patient may have syphilis.

What if VDRL test is nonreactive?

A nonreactive VDRL test may indicate that the patient does not have neurosyphilis. However, a negative result can occur in some patients with neurosyphilis. CSF treponemal test have high sensitivity and are helpful only when test is negative.

What does non-reactive mean on test result?

Negative Test Result. A nonreactive test result indicates that signs of the condition being tested for are not present.

What does non-reactive mean in test?

If you have been tested for HIV infection, you may be told that the result is ‘non-reactive’. This means that the test did not find any evidence of HIV infection.