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How many credits is a minor at MSU?

How many credits is a minor at MSU?

The minimum number of credits for a minor is 15. The Academic Programs catalog must clearly state if some of these credits for the minor are required to be ‘unique. ‘ ‘Unique’ credits for a minor are defined as credits that do not count for a course taken to satisfy another university, college, or major requirement.

Does Michigan State have a good environmental program?

The Department of Community Sustainability offers a Bachelor of Science degree program with a major in Environmental Studies and Sustainability. It examines resource use and allocation through the lenses of community engagement, sustainability and environmental justice.

Do you need a minor at MSU?

A common but not required thing to do as an undergraduate student is adding a minor to your studies. But what does this actually mean? Well, a minor is a secondary field of study at the undergraduate level that is supplementary to a student’s major.

How do I get into Lyman Briggs?

To apply, select Lyman Briggs as your major on your Michigan State University application. Your application will be reviewed and processed by the MSU Office of Admissions. If you’ve already applied to MSU and are interested in Lyman Briggs, log into your Student Account and change your intended major to Lyman Briggs.

How many credits do I have MSU?

Credits Per Grade Level

Grade Level Credits Required
Freshman 0 through 27
Sophomore 28 through 55
Junior 56 through 87
Senior 88 or more

How many credits can I take MSU?

During Fall and Spring semesters: Full-time students at MSU Law are allowed to enroll in a maximum of seventeen (17) credit hours.

Is sustainability part of environmental studies?

The Brentwood Report was the first to outline and put forth the idea of sustainable development. From this, sustainability studies emerged as a trans-discipline, combining the basics of environmental science with other disciplines that are relevant in the practical world: economics, business, communications, etc.

What do u mean by environmental studies?

Environmental studies is a multidisciplinary academic field which systematically studies human interaction with the environment. Environmental studies connects principles from the physical sciences, commerce/economics, the humanities, and social sciences to address complex contemporary environmental issues.

How many minors can you have MSU?

Michigan State University is proud to offer more than 100 minors to help students customize their degrees. Broad students may enroll in any academic minor at MSU for which they meet the requirements.

How do I double major at MSU?

I want to double major, how do I do that? When you complete an Additional Major, you will receive one diploma upon graduating from MSU. This diploma will only list your primary major, but your transcript will list the two majors you have completed.

What is the James Madison College at MSU?

James Madison College is an undergraduate, residential college for students interested in public and international affairs. James Madison College majors are international relations, comparative cultures and politics, social relations and policy, and political theory and constitutional democracy.

Is Lyman Briggs an honor college?

Lyman Briggs College Honors Departmental (Major) Advisors | Honors College | Michigan State University.