Is De La Salle still good at football?

Is De La Salle still good at football?

Football. De La Salle High School is well-known in Northern California for its football team. The team, when coached by Bob Ladouceur, holds the national record 151-game winning streak spanning from 1992 to 2004.

Who won the De La Salle game?

‘One to remember forever’: Folsom Bulldogs defeat De La Salle; head to championship. CONCORD, Calif.

What is the longest high school football winning streak?

USA TODAY Super 25 Week 13 Preview: Multiple monster playoff matchups

  1. De La Salle (Calif.) — 151.
  2. Independence (N.C.) — 109. Years Active: 2000-07.
  3. Sims (S.C.) — 92 (92-0-4) Years Active: 1945-54.
  4. South Panola (Miss.) —
  5. Smith Center (Kan.) —
  6. Bedford County Training School (Tenn.) —
  7. Maryville (Tenn.) —
  8. Hudson (Mich.) —

What is the longest winning streak in football history?

Longest Winning Streaks (Big Five Leagues)

  • Bayern Munich – 23 (2019/20)
  • Real Madrid – 22 (2014/15)
  • Manchester City – 21 (2020/21)
  • Barcelona – 18 (2005/06)
  • Real Madrid – 15 wins (2011/12)
  • Various – 13 wins.

What is the longest winning streak in high school football?

The team’s last loss came on Oct. 13, 2018 and they have not lost a playoff game since 2015. The previous owners of the longest winning streak in high school football was Kirtland High School in Ohio. They won 55 consecutive games, but that streak ended earlier in December.

What college is number 1 in football?


1 Georgia (61) 1,525
2 Alabama 1,464
3 Michigan 1,361

Who said I think I got my swagger back?

Travis Kelce
The defense was stout. And there’s this: As Travis Kelce told the NFL, “I got my swagger back!” It was, of course, one game. So is it real?