Is vim good for Golang?

Is vim good for Golang?

Traditionally, writing Go in Vim meant adding the vim-go plugin and coding away. Today, vim-go remains a great plugin, but with the introduction of the Language Server Protocol (LSP), there are new options worth exploring. Click here to watch the video version of this content.

What is Vim go?

VIM + Plugins = A Powerful IDE for Go Vim is a fast and lightweight text editor available by default with many Linux distributions and Unix-like operating systems. Vim is widely used to quickly edit text files and make configuration changes.

How do I autocomplete in vim?

How to Configure and Use Auto-Complete in Text Files with Vim

  1. Press Esc+ i to enter Insert Type any random text in the dummy file that you created in the previous step.
  2. To activate the auto-complete feature for this word, press Ctrl+ n.

How do you jump to a line in vim?

To do this, press Esc , type the line number, and then press Shift-g . If you press Esc and then Shift-g without specifying a line number, it will take you to the last line in the file.

Should I use Vim or Vscode?

“Comes by default in most unix systems (remote editing)”, “Fast” and “Highly configurable” are the key factors why developers consider Vim; whereas “Powerful multilanguage IDE”, “Fast” and “Front-end develop out of the box” are the primary reasons why Visual Studio Code is favored.

Does Vim make you more productive?

Vim is a text editor that can greatly increase your productivity when you are coding. Typing speed is irrelevant up to a certain level. Your ability to navigate through code is much more important. This is where Vim, along with its keybindings, layout, and setup, can help you speed up the process.

Is Vim any good?

Vim was a visionary product at that time and remains highly relevant today because it remains true to what its users need most: a simple but powerful way to input and manipulate text. Vim listened to and understood what programmers needed and what key benefits were required to get the job done.