What does Juror 12 represent?

What does Juror 12 represent?

He will honestly seek justice because he has suffered through so much injustice. Juror #12: A slick, bright advertising man who things of human beings in terms of percentages, graphs and polls, Juror #12 has no real understanding of people. He is a superficial snob, but trying to be a good fellow.

What is juror like in 12 Angry Men?

Foreman (Juror #1) Non-confrontational, Juror #1 serves as the foreman of the jury. He is serious about his authoritative role and wants to be as fair as possible.

Why is Juror 8 a good juror?

By the end of the movie, Juror #8 has proven himself to be a true hero for standing by his principles and having the courage and skill to put them to work. He eventually gets the jury to find the defendant Not Guilty, and in the process, he avoids sending an innocent 18 year-old kid to jail.

When did Juror 12 change his vote?

Juror 4 states that despite all the other evidence called into question, the testimony of the woman who saw the murder from across the street stands as solid evidence. Juror 12 changes his vote back to “guilty”, making the vote 8-4 again.

What does juror 1 do for a living?

He makes a decent effort at trying to keep the other jurors in order because as Juror #1, he is also the jury’s foreman and is responsible for keeping the group under control.

Why does juror 11 change his vote?

He changed his vote because he was putting everything together from point A to B. He supported his vote by evidence and the true facts, Pointing out mistakes. After the details was pointed out a lot of votes changed because it made since but some stayed guilty.

What does Juror 9 represent?

Juror number 9 is the second-in-command when it comes to justice and sympathy. Juror number 9 says “Gentlemen, that’s a very sad thing – to mean nothing. A man like this needs to be quote, to be listen to” (Juror 9). In this case juror 9 shows how sympathetic he can be and how convincing he can be.

How does 12 angry jurors end?

The film ends when the friendly Jurors 8 (Mr. Davis) and 9 (Mr. McCardle) exchange names, and all of the jurors descend the courthouse steps to return to their individual lives… never to see each other again.

Why did the last guy change his mind in 12 Angry Men?

Juror Four – One of the last men to be convinced that the boy is not guilty, he finally changes his mind after realizing that the woman who witnessed the crime likely didn’t have her glasses on.

Why is Juror 3 angry?

Juror 3 is annoyed that it has taken as long as it has, as to him, the boy is obviously guilty. He is anxious to get the vote out of the way and is shocked when he discovers that there is one juror who sees things differently than he does.

What does Juror 7 say that insults Juror 11?

Juror 7 insults Juror 11 because he is offended by Juror 11 challenging/questioning him. Eight proves that it’s possible to forget the movie. He said, “If a man can’t remember without any emotional distress, how can someone who did have emotional distress?”.

Why did the 12th juror change his vote?

He changes his vote initially because many of the other jurors have, but they convince him he should do it because he believes the boy might not be guilty. Juror Eight – Protagonist of the play, he is the first one to stand up for the boy and say he might not be guilty.