What is cut-E assessment?

What is cut-E assessment?

Cut-e is a psychometric assessment and talent measurement company, owned by Aon, that provides employer recruitment tools. Its tests include a variety of integrity and psychometric questions with specific formats and question types.

What is Aon test?

Aon provide psychometric tests (online and gamified) and personality questionnaires to help in the selection of candidates in the recruitment process and development of employees. Aon’s tests are used across multiple sectors and administered to millions of people each year.

Is the Aon test hard?

2 answers. The assessment you have to complete is not hard its pretty easy and common sense you just have to be timed while taking it.

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What is SHL assessment?

What is SHL? SHL is a company that publishes psychometric tests designed to test the diagrammatic, numerical, and verbal reasoning of prospective employees. SHL test accuracy, speed, and test score compare candidates’ suitability for the role. It is one of the most widely used recruitment tests in the United Kingdom.

What is gate India Aon?

Aon Hewitt now offers its pre-employment assessments on a new platform: Global Assessment and Talent Engineā„¢ (G.A.T.E.). G.A.T.E. is a modern assessment system, allowing candidates to take the assessments from anywhere in the world, from any internet-accessible computer or SMART device, and in many supported languages.

How are Aon tests scored?

The Cut-e/Aon tests can be categorised depending on the skills, attributes and competencies they are assessing. Each test will be marked based on points added for each right answer, and points deducted for a wrong answer, and it is not expected that you will answer every question on the test.

What is gate Aon?